Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max leaks in renders showing no notch and no camera bump

08 September 2021
This is the iPhone 14 that's supposed to be launching a year from now, that's not a typo.

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that design is super sleek, i like the round volume buttons. i do also think it would be cool to see an iphone that is less curved

The iPhones catching up to Androids and hoping to sell on the nostalgia with the design, it will sell billions! 🧠

  • Anonymous

constipation, 09 Sep 2021However, under display non front camera modules should'... moreConstipation,,,,.?
What kind off name is that? Do you do Popo 3 times a day?

  • AnonD-1014095

constipation, 09 Sep 2021With the growth of camera module size on smartphone these d... moreApple should make 2 version being slim with hump bump and other thick.

  • Anonymous

constipation, 09 Sep 2021With the growth of camera module size on smartphone these d... moreProblem is the fact that making phone thicker to hide cam bump adds much more weight than rredesigning internals to increase cam and battery.

Even with same cam and battery of 12 series, this iphone would easily pass 240g.

However, under display non front camera modules should've been adapted more on Android phones since they're few steps left behind from Apple's FaceID system. Keep the front cam surfaced since under display front cameras are still far away from acceptable.

With the growth of camera module size on smartphone these days, no cam hump is too good to be true esp without being at teen millimeters thick.

no camera bump? meaning thicker iPhone?
Apple : over my dead body, slimness to the max

  • Anonymous

Get rid off those nasty ugly curves and make them rectangle with sharp edges, damn it would look stylish trendy sexy slick

Nice phone ruined by nasty ugly curvee

  • AnonD-1014095

Great colours, vibrant, especially gold and emerald.

Too good too be true. No notch and camera bump. Without the hump , it would be 12mm thick, I wouldn't mind a medium thick phone with 6500mah battery,.

Just missing Xneon flash

Finally 16gb Ram, expect to pay £1600

First. Looks like the 14 pro's main highlight is this punch hole display while the regular 14 still has a notch. Iphone users would still have to pay a premium for a feature that even midrange samsungs have. Sad.

  • Ohi

I wonder how its gonna work with faceID.