Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max leaks in renders showing no notch and no camera bump

08 September 2021
This is the iPhone 14 that's supposed to be launching a year from now, that's not a typo.

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  • Anonymous

Symmetrical bezel 🤩

  • AnonD-1003038

SMIRNAS, 09 Sep 2021well,, that's surprise quite pleasant surprise ... moreUm, iPhones already have stereo speakers...

  • Anonymous

is so funny seeing apple fans desperately hoping for a far to be released phone to offer them what androids had for years .

well,, that's surprise

quite pleasant surprise

I hope iPhone gonna make Stereo Speaker, battery capacity minimum 4000mah and at least 25watt charging,, as standard

  • Anonymous

Qimchi, 09 Sep 2021Since Apple basically leads the design for other phone comp... moreI don't think those renders are real. That's going to be a very thick phone if there's no camera bump.

  • Maria

Apple has nothing to sell, but the nostalgic design.

  • not an apple fan

Tbh, this is one of the best phone design. Simple and clean, especially the rear camera setup.

  • AnonD-1003038

Qimchi, 09 Sep 2021Since Apple basically leads the design for other phone comp... moreSame with Huawei Ascend P7 and Xiaomi Mi5 that I had. Perfectly flush with the back. iPhone XR, it's passable. It sticks out a bit, but isn't that bad. All the new models with mega humps are quite annoying, especially as they rock about on table like crazy.

Since Apple basically leads the design for other phone companies I hope its true that they remove the bump. The old Sony Xperia Z - Z5 lineup had no bump and it always felt nice and looked nice seeing how flat it was.

I like the design but I hope the metal isn't sandwiched between the glass but instead its framed around the glass like the current 12 cause that'll be a nightmare when dropping the phone.

  • lneam

let we say that this is real. i will wait for this and not for the model 13, because of front camera hole.

  • DJJ

I like it…they’re going back to the iPhone 4S design and looks like the thickness is going to be 9.3mm…


  • Sassa

cant wait to have one but first lemme upgrade my 12 promax to 13 pro max lol

Great Design...

  • AnonD-1003038

rizki1, 09 Sep 2021Soo under display camera will be in iPhone 15 pro max? That... moreWhat's so funny about it? Have you seen Samsung's attempt? It still looks pretty terrible with different pixels clearly visible there and with our narcissistic society doing trillions of selfies daily, quality is also something that's very important and which suffers hugely with under display selfie cams. ZTE's was way better on the outside where it's not even visible anymore, but image quality still suffers greatly. Blaming Apple for not wanting to go with half baked tech is just funny.

Ivlike the whote colorway

I know you guys source the link at the end of the article, but you really should credit Jon Prosser near the beginning of the article since it was him that went through all the work to get the exclusive leak.

  • Hulk

This will revolutionises smartphone again, oh wait..

  • Anonymous

Its no secret that apple and samsung copied each other. And its good for consumer.

Also the reason, i dont care about fanboyism. I use samsung as smartphone and macbook as my main laptop.

Soo under display camera will be in iPhone 15 pro max? Thats in 2023? Lol