vivo X70 Pro+ goes live with SD888+ and custom V1 image processor chip

09 September 2021
Other improvements include 50W wireless fast charging, slightly bigger and an IP68 rating. The screen is bigger too, a 6.78" Samsung E5 panel.

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  • Anonymous

Shade chosen for the blue this time is way better than previous model.

This looks like a really good phone, the design and the cameras are attractive. I think the screen is too big but that's something personal.

Waiting on the review to see how it performs.

My favourite phone of the year so far

  • Dr. Rahul

Why they are still using GN1 sensor not GN2 sensor

Not bad. Actually cheaper than the predecessor's launch price and they've added ip68 and dual speakers and a much better screen. Also the new camera chip and better portrait lens. Competitive offering

  • Anonymous

Everyday a new whatever chip and everyday image quality is not so much more better than previous gen. Use big sensors, this is all that must be used.