Google Pixel 6 Pro pops up on Geekbench, reveals its Tensor SoC

13 September 2021
As well as 12GB of RAM variant.

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  • Anonymous

8 core Exynos processor with 2+2+4 configuration. Sounds like the Exynos 990 with discrete Exynos 5G modem. Or something similar anyway.

  • AnonD-1003038

Given that Samsung Exynos 2200 had single core at over 1000, this is very weak. Must be early revision of the chip.

  • Anonymous

Lol midrange benchmark scores at best...this is total marketing gimmick and they will charge premium like flagship socs when its not even close to that...

Fanboy of All brands, 13 Sep 2021Again, still an huge step up from Pixel 5 snapdragon 765G. ... moreBut i will just said it, Tensor is bad at performance, it is at the level of 765G in performance CPU and GPU. But maybe it is an pre production unit. Google and leaks said that it is gonna be competitive with the best of the best. Score of the geekbench 5 should be 1000 and 3700. While antutu 9 should be 700k

Again, still an huge step up from Pixel 5 snapdragon 765G. Google doesn't want Tensor to be an performance champ, they want an AI and efficiency as well as ISP champ on it.

But from other perspective, i wanna see how good the thermal throttling, heat, battery efficiency, Image processing speed and how good the AI will help me in real life at the cost of Performance.

  • Anonymous

What is this sd660 renamed? Google pls drop the pixel lineup.

  • sAMMsm

After hearing that this tensor processor does not have AMD graphics my excitement died down instantly. Seeing this benchmark scores makes me laugh now.