Apple iPhone 13 and 13 mini official: smaller notch and new main cameras

14 September 2021
Apple's non-Pro models are closer to their siblings then ever.

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  • Jejo

The only appealing with iPhones are the sizes. Especially mini's size. Oh how I wish any if anyone on the android side made a phone small as the mini.

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021iPhone 13 still no high refresh rate screen, huge notch and... moreFold 3 has it

That's actually a good improvement in every aspect, to the last years models.

  • Anonymous

Hope to get the iPhone 13 mini later this year. Looks like a good upgrade from my iPhone 8. ☺️

It's a shame the 13 mini might be the last one of that size unless Apple turns it into the budget SE model in a few years. My problem again stems from hating Face ID so much.

I can always buy a 12 mini again but have zero interest in them because of Face ID. It's now at $599 but I can imagine they will go for $300 in a few places by next year. I still won't use one even if given to me for free. I'd get it if free and then sell it.

What a waste of horsepower on those iPhone minis when I can't even download emulators and torrent apps from the App Store. The iOS homescreen is still boring to look at. I was an iPhone user before Android. Just haven't seen enough changes to make me want to go back to such an overrated, closed, boring ecosystem.

  • nebbio

Yes, love the mini!

  • Anonymous

iPhone 13 still no high refresh rate screen, huge notch and 20w slow charging.

But that video tracking focus is really cool.

  • Anonymous

apple is fastest phone, expect more battery and better camera than before. Dont ask for any additional information i.e capacity of battery, how camera is better etc

  • papyat

I hope they can soon remove the notch. ok next!

  • Anonymous

Very minor upgrade as expected from apple lol

  • AnonF-1013367

It's zero improvement in CPU performance over the last generation A14 using Apple's own numbers. I guess they are admitting that they cannot improve the microarchitecture anymore? I think they hit the wall in silicon edgineering, slowly running out of tricks. Their a14 went too far as throttling was severe in some cases to lead to performance regression vs a13. 45% throttling for a14 4 core GPU, a15 more then 50% throttling 5 core GPU.

I would have interest in the iPhone 13 mini if I didn't hate Face ID so much considering I still wear a mask to go outside. And iOS is just plain boring πŸ’€ 😴 to use. Let me go back playing Mario Kart Double Dash on my Flip 3 like I'm playing it on a Game Boy Advance SP. 😎

  • techguy

apple fan boy mouthwatering eww

  • Socalteknique

Smaller notch...revolutionary!

Finally, no more 64GB internal storage. About time really! I'm definitely interested in the mini variant and I hope that it will have a bigger battery than last year model. The new iPhone 12 Pro Max-derived main camera sensor is a welcome upgrade.