iOS 15 goes live on September 20 along with iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8

14 September 2021
New features and updated system apps are on their way.

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seems like nintendo switch bluetooth audio firmware update has more useful features than this ios update, wondering when will always on display (used on apple watch) be implemented on their ios or pados? or even twin split screen on ios allowing two apps at once

Rysenchi, 14 Sep 2021iOS 15 Betas are still buggy.The stable updates that are rolled out to the user are no different than a beta version.
They take around 6 months to iron out all the bugs.
Now If Apple pushes another OS version update in the meantime, one can easily expect more bugs.

  • Anonymous

Disappointed.. expected fingerprint unlock. It's disgusting that Apple is bringing no much change since 11

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021Watch iOS 15 is 14.8.1What do you mean?

  • Rysenchi

iOS 15 Betas are still buggy.

I’m disappointed 😞 so I will keep my iPhone 12 Pro Max and my Apple Watch série 6

  • Anonymous

Watch iOS 15 is 14.8.1

  • babak

look forward to see what changes will be on ipod touch 7