Fairphone 4 5G leaks in Swiss retailer's listing

15 September 2021
Plenty of upgrades and an all-new design.

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  • moo

I'm out already, this thing either needs to be really cheap, or compete with other phones.

  • Carol

This might be my next phone if hmd does not set itself to build smaller phones, maximum 15cm tall. We have no complexes here.

  • Anonymous

Looks a bit like Nokia 6.2/7.2, not bad

  • RejZoR

Magnaroader, 16 Sep 2021The best part of the Fairphone series is that the manufactu... moreI need ability to lock bootloader, because some critical apps refuse to work if it's not. So, unless LOS can be on Fairphone with locked bootloader, I can't use it.

AnonD-1003038, 16 Sep 2021That's like saying you can't support cancer patie... morePlease, explain. Business exists to make money, Twitter likes may make them more known, but doesn't always equals to sales.

  • Anonym

Magnaroader, 16 Sep 2021The best part of the Fairphone series is that the manufactu... moreThat's just one of the dimensions, OnePlus also has exceptional 3rd party ROM support (especially in official LOS), but they are no where near Fairphone ethos. Fairphone bread and butter is about first and before most making sure the suppliers follow their "fair" ethical principles and then allowing easy access to components for repairs (i.e., not just physical access within the device but also sourcing the replacements from Fairphone itself).

  • Magnaroader

The best part of the Fairphone series is that the manufacturer is open to us (the customers) using custom roms on their devices. In fact, they support /e/ OS and Lineage constantly and that's the best part of this company.
If they were available officially in my company, I'd buy a couple of their phones to support their cause.
More manufacturers making "fair" phones please.

  • AnonD-1003038

GAMIRSFM, 16 Sep 2021One thing is supporting by saying "that's a good ... moreThat's like saying you can't support cancer patients without having cancer yourself... There are other ways that are not financial.

AnonD-1003038, 15 Sep 2021Just because one supports the idea, it doesn't mean th... moreOne thing is supporting by saying "that's a good thing!" But then never supports them financially by buying their product rather they keep their current device. Look at Linus, he just invested money on framework (laptop manufacture that did one that's the most modular one in the market). He's actually supporting what he wants to see in the market.
Fairphone could keep releasing new phones, but if no one buys them they won't make money from it which in turn could mean them going out of business. Just like the others companies before it.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 15 Sep 20216.3" screen and 6GB RAM with 128GB or 256GB internal s... moreSame but I hope they release a USA model

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Now you live in a comfort country where you get paid well a... moreYou don't have to buy such a phone, but other people do. It's like organic food, more expensive but has a lesser impact on the environment, in this phone's case because of conflict free source winning and it's easy to repair, so it gives less e-waste.

I don't think you understand the whole situation here, you're dumb and dumber in one. If you care about the environment, sustainability and conflict free source winning, you pay more for a product. If you don't care about it and you care about cheap, cheaper and cheapest as long as you don't have to pay a lot, then buy a cheaper phone.

Interesting phone. The whole goal of a sustainable and easy to repair phone is a good one, more companies should do it.

  • Anonym

AnonD-1017154, 15 Sep 2021Is it just me or does the camera module look like that of t... moreIt does, although to be fair they did add their own twist of blending them in a "guitar pick" camera island. It's probably the most inspired part of their design, everything else is pretty dated -- which should be a surprise to no one, because they are a small company trying to source components from 3rd parties while still imposing their "fair practices"; it's very likely the phone was designed in 2019 and they were bargaining their way through the suppliers before being able to announce the new model.

  • AnonD-1003038

GAMIRSFM, 15 Sep 2021Yep, those who usually complain use an iPhone 😆 But act li... moreJust because one supports the idea, it doesn't mean they necessarily have to follow it. That doesn't make them hypocrites. If one constantly screeches about it and doesn't follow it, then that does make them a hypocrite.

  • AnonD-1017154

Is it just me or does the camera module look like that of the iPhone 11/12/13 series

  • Anonym

AnonD-1003038, 15 Sep 2021I must say that doesn't look that bad. Specs are much ... moreSpecs are better, but the looks are still dated. The front looks like a Mi A3 (2019 says hello) and the back is pretty much a plastic rectangle (timeless) with cameras reminiscing the design introduced by the iPhone 11 (I see 2019 must have been the last great year for industrial design) -- I do recon the most recent iPhones still use that design language, but they were the ones that created it.

  • AnonD-1003038

PureFacts, 15 Sep 2021Some hypocrites pretending they care about underpaid worker... moreWell, whoever opts for Fairphone instead of some other brand is hardly a hypocrite. They clearly care if they bought Fairphone...

zaryan, 15 Sep 2021another fairphone with an unfair pricefair price indeed, at least you get a guarantee that no slaves were used in the making of the phone, no kids were used to mine the cobalt and etc. the price is fair i would say.

  • sol42

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Now you live in a comfort country where you get paid well a... moreI hope you feel better now after you explained how you think. Otherwise I'm afraid you wasted a lot of time for everyone, because I don't think people buying Fairfones are impressed by your thinking.