Leak: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a 14.6" OLED display with 3K resolution

16 September 2021
The display is expected to have a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 120 Hz refresh rate. Also, a 11,500 mAh battery with 45W fast charging.

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  • haha

Saddam Khan, 15 Oct 202114.6 inch is a monitor not Tablet. you bring me back to 2001

  • Werewolf

Reading this on Tab S4 which works perfectly and has the best sized screen 4 me, beautiful oled. I also have s2 also works good. Why shd i update? I want oled screen 10 or 11 inches not bigger.

  • Anonymous

Saddam Khan, 15 Oct 202114.6 inch is a monitor not Tablet. You're can't be serious. It's just a Tablet, but this new tablet is made to show-off a bigger display and get a best buy! That's make common sense, haha!

  • Saddam Khan

14.6 inch is a monitor not Tablet.

  • diva

im waiting for this tab and i want big screen bezel less best 12bit display and good pixel camera with spen

  • Ahsan

Already on my Samsung Tab S7+ and expected to be in the upcoming S8 ultra tablet is the second screen feature which wirelessly streams the display of any windows device in either extend, duplicate, on second screen only mode. So, a Samsung tablet is expected to work as a tablet as well as a Windows machine. The experience is not very choppy on S7+ but expected to be flawless on S8 ultra with the addition of Wifi 6E.

  • Anonymous

No, i m waiting,, i need 11inchh display.😣

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2021If laptops are a niche item, then why do they outsell table... moreUh windows is alot more convenient than android, that's why laptops beat tablets. They do real work

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021Real laptops use x86, are heavy and of lower battery with w... moreIf laptops are a niche item, then why do they outsell tablets like 50:1?

  • Anonymous

Heasy, 18 Sep 2021I'm a samsung user and I want a tablet but I think sam... moreThis "10" inch offering (currently) is the Tab S7 (and soon the tab S8) model(s), i.e. the non plus model(s). Their 8inch offering is their foldable.

What do you mean that they have no options in these categories? They literally do, merely the foldables have cannibalized the small tablets and the 11inch ones cannibalized the 10inch tablets (small bezels means that the 11incher has the same footprint that 11imchers of the past did), so they call them differently, but they really are the same products slightly improved (now their "8" inch offering is pocketable because it can fold and their "10" inch offering is still the same size/height but offers even more screen real estate for the same total size)

  • Heasy

I'm a samsung user and I want a tablet but I think samsung's offerings at this time are too big. Give me a high end 10inch tablet of even one thats 8 inches. 14in tablets are way too big

  • Josh V

You should only replaced you tab or phone if its broken or you sold it at reasonable price.

  • Carlos

The most important, the price and if be can refinance?

P-CHM, 16 Sep 2021Definitely order a new battery and keep enjoying this compa... moreI have the tool to the change but I never considered going to a local shop and kinda considered the Tab S2 useless because I'm not sure there isn't any software issue and being stuck on Android 6 or 7.x isn't the best. I'm not even using it anymore, Didn't really planned to sell it since it's a LTE model. Will check though ! :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021Well this will probably be in a price range where better op... moreReal laptops use x86, are heavy and of lower battery with way worse touch support.

Laptops only make sense if you absolutely need laptop/mouse support. Less and less I find that to be the case, touch + pen honestly seems better for most things I need a home computer for.

Laptops are for specific kinds of work, more and more of a niche item...

  • Anonymous

TheLastOracle, 17 Sep 2021I am just disappointed that Samsung didn't acquire the... more""Samsung paid around $215 million for virtual assistant startup Viv""
samsung bought this startup for bixby which failed. so,
once bit twice shy.

  • Anonymous

Abandoned in 2 years.

  • Lccy

P-CHM, 16 Sep 2021Indeed, this is the adaptative display, and I have installe... moreThat's true, televisions have frame interpolation and black frame insertion techniques that effectively show 24 content without judder and with minimal soap opera effect.

For us who live in pal countries 25 and 50 fps does not show well on 60 fps screens.

You could try a video player with dejudder for your animation

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021It's like using a truck in place of a pickup truck. Do... more"Literally, legacy support is the only thing going on for laptops, they are relics of a bygone era..."

Lol, tell that to enterprise users who don't change their hardware every year and still using old software. That is why not many people embrace ARM CPUs, there are still limitations when it comes to run older software.

TheLastOracle, 17 Sep 2021Well said. And with the V9 architecture, Smartphones and Ta... moreI am just disappointed that Samsung didn't acquire their startup, since the Exynos chips need the biggest makeover.
Though, I suspect, that a major chunk of issued with Exynos SoCs may be due to Samsung Foundry fab process issues, even more than the SoC design itself.