Leak: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a 14.6" OLED display with 3K resolution

16 September 2021
The display is expected to have a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 120 Hz refresh rate. Also, a 11,500 mAh battery with 45W fast charging.

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  • Krjal

I hope they include HDMI in support on the USB port this time. I'd love to use that screen on other devices.

  • Tano27

I wonder what the portability of a 14.6-inch tablet will be like, if it will be worth paying for this device $1200
or more and if in terms of productivity it will be worth replacing the laptop with this Samsung Tab S8 Ultra.
What do you think?

Ejb, 16 Sep 2021The iPad Mini has so far been the worst-selling Apple table... moreFor me the iPad mini aspect ratio is a deal breaker

Tablets can accommodate multiple batteries like laptops... Why can't they just give 100W charging and call it a day?

P-CHM, 16 Sep 2021I already have the September patch. To me, the quality seem... moreMain concern is dawn clicks and zooming issues.

Marorun, 16 Sep 2021Strange my S20+ camera is still as good as before..May be, I have a set with complaints.

  • Jackmar

I want big screen like 15.6 inch so that this will be my tablet and laptop ( Microsoft documents and editor) with MICRO SD and 5G sim card can call and text this will be my BACK UP PHONE, tablet, laptop and lastly my portable TV perfect in every way will buy 2 for my wife and me ... we love some SAMSUNG because of ANDROID and MICRO SD period God bless

  • Anonymous

I'm waiting for this one, please don't mess it up Samsung

Lccy, 16 Sep 2021I didn't know the note 20u could do 48hz I think that... moreIndeed, this is the adaptative display, and I have installed an Hz monitor. When playing videos, the Hz goes from 120/60Hz to 48Hz, regardless of settings (if you set it to 60Hz only, it will fall down to 48Hz, blame Samsung). However, judder disappears once zi touch the screen, since touch input forces it back to 60Hz. The difference is very easy to notice, especially with animation.

The fact is that the TV industry has mastered judder elimination for modern panels that are faster than the ancient 24fps norm. That's why a movie on yourTV won't look like a messy blur with frames superposing over each other, unlike the Note20U and all 24/48Hz panels would.

GregLu, 16 Sep 2021Thanks for the info about this and totaly agreed with a S2 ... moreDefinitely order a new battery and keep enjoying this compact gem. You can find them for 10-20 dollars online, which is low enough to be worth the shot. A local repair shop would do the rest for you for quite cheap.

Muzik, 16 Sep 2021Agree with you completely. My Note 20 Ultra can't play... moreI already have the September patch. To me, the quality seems the same in a very subjective manner.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021Laptops do less stuff for the artistic kind, also worse med... moreBetter to use those 2-1 laptops with touch screen and pencil support.

Nice spec for sure, but I don't think I'll be paying the price of a high-end Windows 10 laptop for an Android tablet. While Samsung DeX is a capable pocket computer for average consumers' work, it's still not a true Windows 10 replacement.

P-CHM, 16 Sep 2021My Note20U has terrible judder at 48Hz (native adaptative r... moreThanks for the info about this and totaly agreed with a S2 sucessor. Even though my S2 8" battery is kinda broken, something it bootloop until I plug it to main power so I assume that's a battery problem :P
Tried some soft to "reset" the battery and so on but it doesn't seems to work sadly.

Muzik, 16 Sep 2021Agree with you completely. My Note 20 Ultra can't play... moreStrange my S20+ camera is still as good as before..

S8+ sound interesting but at what price ? 7-800 EUR ? Hard pass, at tha price, I go to Apple ... For better or worse?

  • Anonymous

miaumiaumiau, 16 Sep 2021whats up with these 13 inch, 14,6 inch tablets. why dont yo... moreLaptops do less stuff for the artistic kind, also worse media consumption devices given that they are thrice the wright half the battery life to a 15inch laptop.

Laptops only make sense for things that require (a lot of) typing and/or mouse support. They are increasingly a niche product. Also slower too I fully expect an SD 898 to absolutely wipe the floor of the quivalent Intel on similar wattage...

14.6 inches seems perfect for productivity, though, I wonder what the price will be. Plus, would like more apps for video editing, that handle work at almost realtime. A super compressed Android version of Blackmaguc would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021I feel you. I bought the A52 and they patched the camera ev... moreYa, same here. Never used and will never use any Chinese brand. Out of options, i went for note20ultra.
If Sony would have been here, for every reason, i would have brought 1 II/III anytime.

I think regular 2 tab s8 will use the SD SoC. The ultra might use a ultra powerful Exynos 2200 SoC(extra GPU core or frequency). I mean that might only make sense for a 3 different S tablets all on a sudden.