Motorola is bringing the Moto G60 and G60S to Europe

16 September 2021
That's what it looks like, anyway, the company is teasing a big Moto G event for September 20, but its website already lists these two as "new".

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I have been using motor g60 for last 20 days. It seems to be a good phone so far as I have not found anything wrong with it. So you can try it.

Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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    • dQi
    • 17 Sep 2021

    The problem with Moto G phones I have is how bad they are at fixing them, even during the warranty period. I've sent my Moto G8 plus in twice in a month and it's still not right but I just gave up on sending it in and now just deal with the issues...

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      • Sqr
      • 16 Sep 2021

      I saw G60s in polish shops a few days ago

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        • q12
        • 16 Sep 2021

        Been getting security updates nearly every monthl. Longest gap i recall in the past year was about 2 months.

        But even quarterly would be reasonable.


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          • HBr
          • 16 Sep 2021

          [deleted post]One Android update ,security updates for 2 years after first release

            Lost count of how many phones they released this year. But it’s easy to count how many they update regularly - none.