Google Pixel Fold tipped to launch later this year

16 September 2021
Could Google be preparing a "one more thing" announcement at next month's Pixel 6 launch?

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  • Anonymous

TruthBeTold, 16 Sep 2021Sounds like some major bs. A huge release like this would&... moreDo u remember the launch of original galaxy fold?? No rumors and leaks. But Samsung surprised everyone by announcing galaxy fold along with Galaxy S10 series.

  • Anonymous

im in and all for the scroll devices .. not fold
i think it's the future for bending displays , foldables will always have problems with awkward aspect ratios , crease , un protected display , require 3-ish displays to be functional all the time + 3 main cameras
scroll concept is more interesting to me and seems more functional .. one main display that extends , your normal 2 main cameras , crease is way better even in first generation scroll devices , seems more tough and the main screen ( which isn't in the are of scrolling can be made of full glass then to glastic in future ( hopefully )
wish lg will comeback just for the scroll they were working on

Sounds like some major bs. A huge release like this would've had serious rumors and renders flying for a while now. They cant just suddenly start sourcing the parts now and have it released in a couple of months. Just doesn't work like this.

  • tarun

wow. unexpected