Here is the plastic wrap-free iPhone 13 series box

17 September 2021
The redesign should help save 600 metric tons of plastic according to Apple.

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  • Anonymous

NK, 24 Sep 2021Got an IPhone 13 Pro from a local network provider and both... moreThis happened to me today too!

Not good unfortunately. Received mine today brand new from a well known network provider and both tamper seals have indeed been tampered with. Both seals have been sliced open and the network provider has no idea why this has happened?

  • Slou

NK, 24 Sep 2021Got an IPhone 13 Pro from a local network provider and both... moreThis just happened to me! Brand new from EE and I have issued a complaint. I wonder if they are "popping" open because of the weight?

  • NK

Got an IPhone 13 Pro from a local network provider and both the plastic strip has been cut with a blade by some clever person. They have made a very foolish decision to avoid the plastic covering which will increase every chance of tampering the phone

  • reply

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Plastic wrap could protect phone against moisture and heat ... morethis is good, external artifacts or environmental issues only occur from the logistics and retail stores. so if your logistic company dont take care of it, then youll get issues.
if your store is nasty like most moms and pops shop then thats an issue too

  • Anonymous

Plastic wrap could protect phone against moisture and heat and other effects. With removing little bit of plastic greater problems can occur. Even tough they made packaging design tweaks.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Really in the name of environment? By not keeping USB C por... moreBruh, switching to USB C would mean a lot more lightning cables are gonna be discarded.

You can also hand back your lightning cable to apple if you want.

Most manufacturers no longer have a 3.5mm jack on a flagship device.

And, airpods can be traded in.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Stop with this green none sense if the phone itself is lock... moreApple takes your old phone and recycles it.

Doesn't matter if it's locked down, if you give the phone back to apple, most of the material is reused.

  • Anonymous

Stop with this green none sense if the phone itself is locked down/irepairable(eg. id locked parts).

  • Anonymous

Really in the name of environment? By not keeping USB C port, adding billions of non usb c cables saving environment? removing 3.5mm jack first to sell additional product Airpod will save environment? how much battery with chemicals and plastic they adding to environment in the name of Airpod? Think how many of them will buy if there is 3.5MM jack available? Apple will reduce anything if they get any profit directly or indirectly. Don't talk nonsense by just removing plastic wrapper saving environment. They are the one spoiling it.

Next, boxless iPhone.

  • Ayaan

After that they will say save tree we are avoiding using papers so take the phone direct

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2021On that Box USB-C is Written!!! iPhone 13 will have USB-C ... moreUSB-C on charger side like before

  • Anonymous

What saves even more plastic is: don't buy new mobile phones, get second-hand/used ones.

Crazy. I love how they minimise the size of boxes and therefore plastic by omitting accessories. Revolutionary.

  • TechReader

I remember my phones from Samsung and Google already didn't have a plastic wrap. Google Pixel had a plastic tear-tab seal whereas Samsung S20 I think had even a paper-sticker tear-tab (not sure). Other OEMs were avtually doing this already - whether for the environment or for cost saving reasons - but Apple is the one who marketed it as something. They may even be able to Rick-roll us with an empty box after paying 1 lakh, saying they saved your old phone from going to a landfill by, voila, not giving you a new phone - and we may cheer and buy it!

  • Nostalgeek

Samsung has been doing since 2013
Google also followed it a year ago.
The day apple did it everyone is getting orgasm !
Stupidity of people.

Funny things it that every major OEM could do that long time ago... I seriously wonder why they didnt do that before...

Just like stop including all that waste paper books that no one read, or putting plastic in plastic inside plastic, like headphones covered in plastic inside another plastic, its not like inside box is some hazardous environment so we need protect everything inside, I had old phone inside box without any plastic wrap that traveled with me for like 5 years(I move a lot but keep my all phones with me in storage box) and even when I took it out it was still all in perfect shape, so who need better proof that during transport phone and its accessories are not damaged? Unless you use DHL or UPS... then you need LOTS of plastic wrap...

  • Arno

Isn't this one of those fakes again. Apole hasn't dictceddtheir lighting connector for a type c

  • banana

R e j Z o R, 18 Sep 202110 years ago no one was raving about micro plastics.UM people have been complaining about plastic waste for years including microplastics

  • Jussayin

Regardless of who thought about this first, and who does it best, the point is, the earth doesn't have to contend with 600 metric tons of plastic. True, things could be much better but this is good news. So, for the sake of your children, grandchildren, and future generations, take your heads out of your asses for a moment and be happy for the environment.