Flashback: the Apple iPhone X and its hated but influential notch

19 September 2021
Many hated the notch, many still do. But it is important to understand why it was necessary and why it is still relevant.

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Kangal, 26 Sep 2021That's fine, it was fun arguing. Sorry for losing, ma... moreDon’t be sorry about your loss buddy :) everyone has an opinion, yours was just wrong and factually you were off.
Next time do us both a favour and come thoroughly prepared.

Hopefully Android manufacturers learn to create phones that stay relevant and age as well as the iPhone X did.

SizN80, 26 Sep 2021You can use all the capital letters and invalid arguments y... moreThat's fine, it was fun arguing.
Sorry for losing, maybe next time you will actually focus on-topic and address the points and criticisms raised. Making something bold, italic, or capital, is meant to accentuate a keyword, which is typically used to help the ebb of conversation. Well now you know. You still have this irrational idea that just because people still talk about a product (usually negatively) means it is superior to another device. It isn't. Especially since you're literally comparing Apples to Oranges, I mean Android, and you refuse to take into consideration all that entails. I think you may be correct on the security point, but it's not easy to know since Apple has a security-through-obscurity mantra. So we can't compare the latest iOS/iPhoneX to the latest Android/Pixel 2XL (or other device).

Kangal, 25 Sep 2021Sir, this is not an excuse. You keep conflating "relev... moreYou can use all the capital letters and invalid arguments you what Buddy, the fact is the iPhone X is both still relevant and has aged far better than any competitor it had, the manufacturers of the competitors gave up on those devices long ago and they are not secure anymore to use.

Thanks for trying though valiant yet pointless effort, nobody is going to be writing articles about those competitors at the same level as iPhone X. :)

SizN80, 25 Sep 2021The iPhone X is more relevant and therefore has aged better... moreSir, this is not an excuse. You keep conflating "relevant" (aka impact) with being "better". It is just like saying Hitler was "better" than de-Gaulle just because Hitler was more "relevant". That is simply absurd and untrue.

I'll even make additional points. The iPhone 8+ which was cheaper (or "inferior") to the iPhoneX has actually aged better. Within the iOS Market, there has been far more iPhone 8+ owners resistant to upgrading instead of iPhoneX owners (1-2 years earlier upgrades). So here you can (maybe) make the case that the iPhone 8+ aged better, or is better to use, than the iPhoneX.

The things I keep hear repeated/praised and about the iPhone 8+ is that it has a flat screen, still has the 3Dtouch sensor, doesn't have a notch, has the superior TouchID, and finally that the UI is more easier/predictable than Apple's current un-intuitive mess.

But if you take it one step further, now you're comparing Apple/iOS to a different ecosystem/Android. This makes it much harder to have an objective point. You are more limited to a subjective opinion. If you use today, in 2021, you can't say the iPhoneX is BETTER than the Pixel 2XL, LG V30, Note8, S9+, or the ASUS RoG. They all have different strengths like durability, speaker quality, battery life, camera quality, software freedom, accessories.

So, therefore, we can conclude that it means an iPhoneX is NOT a better phone. It is a DIFFERENT phone. And what constitutes as "better" is solely a PERSONAL choice. If you cannot understand this concept, which is applicable here, then you are only displaying your ignorance for the rest of us to see.

Fanboy of All brands, 19 Sep 2021Should i get the Iphone 13 Pro or another android phone? I ... moreStay away from Apple as far as you can, if you want to live peacefully without getting annoyed eveey day.

It was extually as terrible as it can be. 2017 marked this nonsesne 1000 dollar mark and notch crap because of Apple, things just getting worse and worse. Iphone X will be marked as beginning of disaster era, most hated phone on the planet, devils phone.

Kangal, 24 Sep 2021Your argument was that the iPhoneX aged better than its com... moreThe iPhone X is more relevant and therefore has aged better, very simple, no excuses needed. :)
The competitor products are long forgotten about by their manufacturers and no longer matter at all.

  • Khokon

Actually steav jobes was the best designer ever. but after his passed away the products of apple are gradually loosing it's speciality and price growing high level.all these are unacceptable.in mobiles apple logo is putted down,in front side they cut the display for speaker camera and sensor,removed home button is also awrong decisions.camera placement also wrong.colour choice also wrong,
If steav jobs were alive he would have never been allowed these mistakes.
Tim cook should notice these

SizN80, 23 Sep 2021There was no argument for me to lose, the facts speak for t... moreYour argument was that the iPhoneX aged better than its competitors.
You lost the argument because you are factually incorrect. I'll explain.

The iPhoneX was and is more relevant, but that does not mean it was or is better. First understand that point. Secondly, all the competitors that I listed have one or many advantages over the iPhoneX. So to say which one is better than the other, therefore, is a PERSONAL choice of the user.

Want iOS Apps? - iPhoneX
Want Apple ecosystem? - iPhoneX
Want Software Freedom? - Pixel 2XL
Want S-Pen usability? - Note 8
Want great speakers and accessories? - ASUS RoG

  • Anonymous

SizN80, 23 Sep 2021“consistently fast, smooth, feature rich, functional, secur... moreShe Snowden said how fragmentation makes Android more secure while iOS is vulnerable because it's easy to develop vulnerabilities for OS that gets updated at same time

Kangal, 23 Sep 2021Thanks for losing the argument. All you have is your opini... moreThere was no argument for me to lose, the facts speak for themselves, nobody cares for any of the competitors you mentioned, they became irrelevant a few months after release while iPhone X remains relevant. :)
P.s. you will never get anywhere talking about custom ROMs, those are for people who have nothing better to do with their time.

SizN80, 23 Sep 2021This is all your opinion, the actual fact is that the iPhon... moreThanks for losing the argument.
All you have is your opinions, you couldn't refute any of my points. You lost simply because
you are sticking to your opinions and not trying to think larger. Also, your opinion matters less
than mine, because I am less biased than you and more knowledgeable than you on this
specific subject matter.

- The SPen matters to people that like it. You don't get to just ignore that big differentiating
feature just because you personally do not like it.
- You forgot about the ASUS ROG's awesome speakers and its awesome accessories, again,
it is an alternate to the iPhoneX lifestyle. And you can't just ignore those advantages.
- The Google Pixel is ridden with update bugs, and is hardly sold around the world. You are
absolutely right, I agree. But again, if you want to experience some Custom Roms and
powerful software tools, it is a strong alternative. This is for a different demographic of user.

... Remember, I am not disagreeing that the iPhone X is more relevant than the other options. I am simply refuting your point, that the alternatives were worse or have aged worse. The fact
is they are still decent phones for today, and THEY MAY HAVE AGED BETTER DEPENDING

Kangal, 22 Sep 2021Do you have a reading difficulty? Because it is absolutely... moreThis is all your opinion, the actual fact is that the iPhone X has aged better than any of its rivals, whatever your opinion is doesn’t matter. The Note8’s SPen doesn’t matter because at this point the SPen has been removed and is now sold separately and the Note series is pretty much over done with. Barely anyone buys Asus ROG phone and it barely gets updates. Google pixel series continues to be a bug infested line of devices that is barely sold globally. The iPhone X was far more influential and sold better than any of its competitors and can still be used happily to this day on iOS 15.1, no need to load custom ROMs, no user should have to do that at this point, we are no longer in 2012, buddy.

Thanks for trying though :)

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Throw all the money you want on ios, the experience is stil... more“consistently fast, smooth, feature rich, functional, secure and well supported” Android is not well known for any of this, Google themselves at Google I/O this year admitted Android jitters, has an updates and fragmentation problem flying right in the face of whatever point you are tying to make :’D
Thank you for trying though. :)

SizN80, 21 Sep 2021Every single one of the iPhone X competitors you mentioned ... moreDo you have a reading difficulty?
Because it is absolutely not a contradiction that a product can have a negative reputation YET still manage to sell in a high quantity. Maybe I should say "Welcome to 21st Century Consumerism" but that's a bit on the cheek.

And again, while an iPhone X gets security updates, it has aged poorly for iPhone standards. Just think of the iPhone 5C for instance, and compare it to the iPhone 5S, and you'll get the gist.

I don't personally think using an iPhone X is a better experience than a Pixel 2XL which has heaps of Custom Roms, or the Note8 which has an S-Pen, or the ASUS RoG which has great speakers and accessories. Not to mention that the UX of iOS has gotten quiet weird lately, whilst Android today seems to be a bit more predictable/simple. The Samsung S10+ did age much better, but that's a year younger so it doesn't count. However, as I noted earlier, the Samsung S9+ was the direct competitor to the iPhone X, I don't think that aged too well compared to the iPhone X. Heck they even made a rival advertisement for it:

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Throw all the money you want on ios, the experience is stil... moreI agree that IOS isn't perfect but I'd like to argue that your argument is bullshit. What phone people buy doesn't matter, they can buy whatever you want with your own money.
FYI most of the reason Apple articles and products get publicity is because of Android users complaining. No such thing as bad publicity, publicity is publicity you want Apple to take notice? Don't talk about Apple or buy any Apple products. Use your brain please.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Throw all the money you want on ios, the experience is stil... moreYet most of the comments in iPhone are actually toxic/salty Android users so I don't know which website you're looking at. You're delusional.

  • Anonymous

SizN80, 20 Sep 2021Throw all the specs you want in an android and the experien... moreThrow all the money you want on ios, the experience is still subpar compared a Budget Android. And that’s exactly why you are here :)
It has been well over a decade of iPhone and yet not ios device has managed to make a device that is as consistently fast, smooth, feature rich, functional, secure and well supported as an Android. hence we still have ios fans coming to iPhone articles and topics with their bitterness :)

Kangal, 21 Sep 2021iPhone X competitors: - Google Pixel 2XL (fared better tha... moreEvery single one of the iPhone X competitors you mentioned now no longer get any sort of updates whether it be OS or security updates,all of them are a security risk and not worth buying at this point while the iPhone X is actually the most viable option more so than even its competitors successors :)

If you have an iPhone X right now you can still get more money for it then any of those competitors combined at this point.You claim people people spoke badly about the iPhone X yet it’s the only model that sold in solidly high numbers and is the only one worth anything right now :’D listen to you contradicting yourself.

None of the competitors aged well at all and none of them are worth talking about.

SizN80, 20 Sep 2021The best part is that the iPhone X is still getting updates... moreiPhone X competitors:
- Google Pixel 2XL (fared better than iPhone software-wise imho)
- Samsung Note 8 (Pen support)
- Samsung S9+ (aged alright, not great)
- ASUS RoG Phone (better design and speakers, worse software)

...I mean, you are right that the original iPhone X is more "relevant" but that was due to the fact that Apple was able to sell more units of it. In terms of how it aged, it aged very poorly for iPhone-standards. Compared to its Android counterparts, I wouldn't say using one today is better than the Android options I listed above. Also the iPhone X is spoken about more often than the other options simply because it has two huge negative connotations: Notch, Price. The other devices didn't do anything offensive so people don't find a need to talk about it anymore. If anything, the Pixel 2XL and ASUS RoG are spoken about positively for being the "best" Pixel and the first RoG phone.