Flashback: the Apple iPhone X and its hated but influential notch

19 September 2021
Many hated the notch, many still do. But it is important to understand why it was necessary and why it is still relevant.

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Made me laugh. Sony's tiny sensor can't lift a fi... moreBigger number doesn't always mean its better. I'd argue that the main and ultrawide cam of the Oppo Find X3 takes better pictures than the Mi 11 Ultra. The Ultra tends to be either underexposed or colors are too vibrant.

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Thanks apple because of you i can get single centered punch hole in my android phone. And I can calling it l: innovation!
It really is. Better than lame in display camera, that will make your selfie blurred as it should be.

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021If you really need to talk about pro modes, Sony's Xpe... moreMade me laugh. Sony's tiny sensor can't lift a finger against Xiaomi's 1/1.12 inch behemoth. Different class altogether.

No phone has such a large sensor, not even close in fact. The amount of detail it gets (if you know how to use it) is way higher than point and shoot cameras and parallels budget mirrorless cameras from some years back. It is hella impressive, didn't believe it when I first saw it. When it comes to mobile photography it is untouchable (even P50 falls short in pro mode,the terrible yellow tinge is an eysore)

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Scram, 20 Sep 2021Learn to read. The Mi 11 Ultra uses a mid-range USB stan... moreNobody cares for legacy specs. Use wifi6, it's faster than usb3 for data transfer. The port is strictly for charging, nobody should be using it for data transfer , USB 3 is so old of a standard it is not even funny...

  • Jay

Innovative is subjective. Why Apple was followed and eventually excelled by others do not mean Apple's idea is innovative. It is merely market foresees that whatever Apple comes out will sell mostly. Same logic that Rolex watch design is copied almost by every watch brands.

I'm not a notch fanboy, but I must say, the iPhone notch just feels right. It gives iPhones their "signature look", which is why it's stayed for so long, along with the Rear Camera Positioning. Xiaomi once copied the notch on one of their phones, (Was it the Pocofone?) And Oppo's 2021 flagship, the Find X3 Pro, had a literal mirror image of the iPhone 12 Pro's Camera Setup. The bottom line is that Androids will always be more futuristic that the iPhone (Android= 1440p, 8K video, AMOLED, etcetera), But the iPhone has a certain feel, that only an iOS user will understand.

(Cringe below, be careful...)
Long live the iNotch!

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Exactly, and the 60hz is so smooth. Budget android phones w... moreThrow all the specs you want in an android and the experience is still subpar compared to iPhone,that’s exactly why you are here :)
It has been well over a decade of iPhone and yet not one android manufacturer has managed to make a device that is as consistently fast, smooth and well supported as an iPhone. Android as a collective of manufacturers still cannot beat 1 iOS/iPhone maker,Apple, at creating a consistent premium experience, hence we still have android fans coming to iPhone articles and topics with their bitterness :)

Let us not forget that a lot of the executives at companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Google etc… typically use iPhones, many of them have admitted to it, says a lot. :)

I also love reading about how android phone ambassadors will pick up their iPhone as soon as they are done having to promote an android, you literally cannot pay people enough to stick with an android phone even when it’s free :’D many celebrities, news anchors etc…have mistakenly used their iPhones to promote an android they are supposedly using. :’D that says a lot to.

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Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021This is the worst design decision ever made in smartphone e... moreWell said !

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Exactly, and the 60hz is so smooth. Budget android phones w... moreNot sure if you're trolling or just ignorant.

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If i right notches were introduced by essential phone and not by apple .

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Exactly, and the 60hz is so smooth. Budget android phones w... moreThis is definitely sarcastic

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Exactly, and the 60hz is so smooth. Budget android phones w... moreAbout the human eye thing, my 144Hz and 60Hz dual monitor setup begs to differ.

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Exactly, and the 60hz is so smooth. Budget android phones w... moreAre you people still spreading these lies? Yes, people can see the difference between 60, 90, 120 and 144hz. Just because you have a $1,200 iPhone that only supports a 60hz display doesn't mean cheap Android phones with 120hz displays doesn't offer a better experience.

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Exactly, and the 60hz is so smooth. Budget android phones w... moreYou're terrible at smug sarcasm. The guy is actually right. iPhone X from 2017 will indeed get updates for longer than most other phones released this moment. And while saying people can't see more than 60fps/Hz is bull manure, Apple does indeed make all the animations and scrolling so smooth it doesn't even matter if it's 60Hz or 120Hz. Sure, 120Hz will feel a bit smoother if you're rubbing menu up and down, but what's more important is that phone never ever stutters or lags when scrolling. What's the point of 240Hz refresh when anything you scroll stutters and lags or doesn't have butter smooth animations. Even if it's just here and there. It never ever happens on any iPhone I've seen. It's been a common thing across many Android phones. Whether it's Android to blame or that phone specifically, it ultimately doesn't matter to the user if it's happening.

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SizN80, 20 Sep 2021The best part is that the iPhone X is still getting updates... moreExactly, and the 60hz is so smooth. Budget android phones with 120hz/144hz can't dream of competing with my iPhone Pro Max 60hz. The human eye can't see beyond 60hz anyway.

And our notch and thick bezels are so modern and premium by today's standards, truly worth the 1K+USD I paid. No android flagship has this big of a notch or thick bezels. I hope Apple continues the trend of notch and thick bezels.

SizN80, 20 Sep 2021The best part is that the iPhone X is still getting updates... more$1000 phones are you funny? 2017 flagship is around $700 except iphone X.

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021They do so by design, force you to use their cloud choices.... moreUsb 3 has lot of advantage, faster transfer rate is just means of achieving those features. With USB 3 you get
1. Hdmi pass through, with cheap cable you can connect your phone with any display
2. You can use dock for multiple things like connect accessories and display together, you can turn your phone as gaming console with this method.
3. You can use your phone as desktop like Samsung Dex etc.

The best part is that the iPhone X is still getting updates and is more relevant than any rival it had in 2017, right now. Not a single iPhone X rival from 2017 is even spoken about anymore, most of the 2017 flagship iPhone X competitors have long been forgotten about by their manufacturers and are worthless now. :)
If you buy an iPhone X now you are actually guaranteed more support than any competitor devices that have been released in 2021.

  • mixedfish

We are almost at the age of under display cameras so I can say I'm glad skipped buying a phone with a notch or punch hole camera.

Why settle for mediocrity? No compromises on my high standards if they're demanding high prices.

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Whatever apple does with iphone, they do it perfectly. The... moreWhat are your thoughts about Apple's plan to scan all photos uploaded to iCloud? You don't think that's infringing on privacy?