Flashback: the Apple iPhone X and its hated but influential notch

19 September 2021
Many hated the notch, many still do. But it is important to understand why it was necessary and why it is still relevant.

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  • Anonymous

-Trix-, 19 Sep 2021” This is why android sells in the billions and iPhones are... more"It’s good for Android companies that Apple doesn’t offer cheap phone, we would see many Android OEMs going out of the business, but now they atleast have leftovers from Apple."

LOL dude, you actually think that's true and Apple doesn't wanna make more money? Apple doesn't sell budget phones because they likely thought it'll cheapen their premium brand image. Apple already cheaps out on many specs, you think Apple can compete with 120hz OLED with smaller punchhole when they already compromised with the 13 and 13 mini displays? Apple fans need stop justifying their low-res low refreshrate notched thicc-bezel cheap looking phones. Apple, unlike other OEMs is a lifestyle brand, people pay for the brand.

For example, Refurbished/Used iPhone 6 from 7 years ago cost almost 150USD in my country which I just checked few days ago and people are still buying them and giving them good reviews. Iphone cases either have a cutout for the logo or have a logo on the case itself.

  • Bob

i'm still hoping the competition will adopt the most important feature (for me) the iPhones lineup has - 3/4 of them are pocketable size.

  • Anonymous

Scram, 20 Sep 2021Learn to read. The Mi 11 Ultra uses a mid-range USB stan... moreI'd take a standard USB-C connection over the lightning port any day. Even though it has never broken on me, the lightning plug appears flimsy and easy to break and is probably the reason why Apple can't implement fast charging over 20 watts.

  • Anonymous

Whatever apple does with iphone, they do it perfectly.
The face unlock feature on android is bad and just a gimmick.
Most androids camera performance is bad(point and shoot) plus something like miui or coloros ruins the complete experience. They lag and are full of bloatware and privacy infringing apps. No one wants to use mi cloud and their account, why push that.

Android (founded 2003) was originally built to be a digital camera OS. Then after Google bought it in 2005, Android was built to look like a competitor to the BlackBerry OS. The original iPhone changed EVERYTHING once it was announced in January 9, 2007. Play Store doesn't exist without the App Store by 2008.

The first iPhone was revolutionary. The iPhones that came after are just evolutionary.

I'm was an iPhone user from the first generation. To me, the original iPhone (2G) is the most influential product I've seen in my lifetime. We don't have Android the way it is without it. Every iPhone after it just improves on certain features. None of them changed the game the way the 2007 iPhone did. The iPhone X didn't really change the game for the better. Only the first generation did.

  • Ugh

Notch bad at all.

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Mi 11 Ultra has the best camera by a mile. It absolutely cr... moreLearn to read.

The Mi 11 Ultra uses a mid-range USB standard on a $1k+ device. That is horrible.

The iPhone has the best video camera. The S21 Ultra keeps up quite well with the competition and is currently cheaper than the Mi 11 Ultra, making it the better deal overall.

If you're going to be a mindless drone regurgitating debunked talking points, do me a favor and stay off my mention.

To this day, I still can't believe how iPhone users put up with watching videos with a big cut out on the side of it.

Macaulay Culkin, 19 Sep 2021If I can get an older iPhone, it would be the 11 Pro. I pre... moreYou call an iPhone 10 at 150.00 holding it's value??Umm... what?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Mi 11 Ultra has the best camera by a mile. It absolutely cr... moreWho told you ? samsung s21 ultra still takes lead in some camera modes

  • Anonymous

Based on the recent Apple news' comment section 1 thing has been proven. Most of the Gsmarena android community are very toxic.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Mi 11 Ultra has the best camera by a mile. It absolutely cr... moreIf you really need to talk about pro modes, Sony's Xperia 1 III easily smashes the Mi 11 Ultra in almost all scenes (except for higher times in zooming)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Best camera haha what a joke Watch TechTablets’s compari... moreYou buy such an expensive camera phone only to use auto mode. Yeah, it is by far the biggest sensor on the market and uses a regular subpixel stripe (so no yellow photos like in Huawei).

Use.the.pro.mode if you care about photography. If you don't, read those reviews and buy the tiny sensors that Apple and Samsung. It certainly isn't a phone for those who hate mobile photography (those who use the camera on auto), never said that it was.

If you want a regular phone go buy an Apple or Samsung, if you want a niche one, Mi 11 Ultra makes them look like mid rangers. Isn't even a joke how far behind it leaves them, like 2-3 generations...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Mi 11 Ultra has the best camera by a mile. It absolutely cr... moreBest camera haha what a joke

Watch TechTablets’s comparison against the Mix 4 and 12 Pro Max, then MKBHD’s review. The Mi 11 Ultra only wins in zoom levels that’s all, oversaturation is a serious problem, night mode pretty weak

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021cough xiaomi with usb 2 on mi 11 ultraThey do so by design, force you to use their cloud choices. Still wifi6 is way faster than USB 3, so who cares, you can already transfer faster w Mi 11 ultra (locally) than most phones. Without the need of a cable too (I directly send to my NAS, over 100 MB/s transfer)

  • Anonymous

Scram, 19 Sep 2021It is a pervasive issue in tech media and the smartphone co... moreMi 11 Ultra has the best camera by a mile. It absolutely crashes Samsung and Apple, makes them look like toys (when you use the pro mode). If you are into mobile photography there is no other choice, so I don't know what you are talking about (the rest of the specs are no slouch but even phones from 3 years ago are insanely fast so it has stopped mattering for some time now, same with screens, they hardly move the needle anymore, photography is the last remaining bastion to improve on tiny screened phones).

  • Anonymous

Hemedans, 19 Sep 2021True, but atleast that time it was luxury feature, nowadays... morecough xiaomi with usb 2 on mi 11 ultra

  • Beebs

What notch are we talking about? Front side camera?

  • Texas Joe Valles

What are people still pretending a notch was put there on purpose? It's there because they had no choice. Either that, or a big ass bezel that reduces the screen area.