Flashback: the Apple iPhone X and its hated but influential notch

19 September 2021
Many hated the notch, many still do. But it is important to understand why it was necessary and why it is still relevant.

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Unfortunately, all tech gets old and cheap. I got an excellent condition 4S for $20 and then sold it for $40 two months later. I remember my launch day 4 for $700. My Flip 3 will be $100 in 3 to 4 years. Everyone will have it. And a Razr 5G will be even cheaper. Maybe only $60 and not the $500 I'm paying for it.

You pay extra to enjoy it years before more people get it for bargain prices. I'll wait the 4 years to get a Fold 3 for less than $200.

If I can get an older iPhone, it would be the 11 Pro. I prefer that frosted glass finish on the back and rounded sides. I don't really like the 12 & 13 series with the 4 / 4S sides.

I was ready to get an iPhone X for $100 from OfferUp just last month. It was in pretty good condition except for a slight ding on the bottom left corner. But the seller backed out at the last minute. Her boyfriend convinced her to keep it.

Don't worry. These iPhone Tens will sell for under $150 by next year. Some for even $100. But it shows how much iPhones retain their value. The Pixel 2 XL can be bought for $80 and it was released around the same time.

Ranking The Top 5 iPhone Designs With Best Color Option
1. 5S / SE (space gray)
2. 5 (slate)
3. 4 / 4S (black)
4. 7 (matte black)
5. 11 Pro (silver, matte black, or green)

Honorable mention: iPhone 2G

I hate glossy glass rears but the 4 series is an exception because it's so beautiful even a decade later.

It's a influentially bad.

Fanboy of All brands, 19 Sep 2021Why does people hate MIUI so much? Is it bad? Short answer, yes.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021X in iPhone X is letter X , so it's pronounced as iPho... moreYeah, I know the naming schemes meaning of their iPhone X. But Everytime I see that device, I still call it iPhone X (EX).

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Peter GSM Arena, 19 Sep 2021whereas fingerprint sensors(Samsung etc) work just fine.Doesn’t work with gloves, cold hands, wet fingers, oily fingers, screen protectors,

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X in iPhone X is letter X , so it's pronounced as iPhone EX.

I (and many others) will not take into account and won't consider that Apple uses numeral
system obsoleted centuries ago to look cool.

Many people don't know roman numerals (even the ones who know, won't care) and will assume it's ex not an 10 and they will be right, heck even in context of romans, these numerals were just reapropriated letters; 10 was eX before, 5 was Vi and so on.

So, in the end it's iPhone EX , not 10 !

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SShreyas, 19 Sep 2021It seems you haven't used Xiaomi yet.Didn't know xioami makes iphone also.

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Back in 2017, notch is influential now it is hated.

I tend to own the phones that innovated. I've owned these legendary phones...

Nokia 3310 & N82
iPhone 2G & 4
Nexus One, 4, & 5
HTC One M7 & M8
LG G5 & V20
Google Pixel 1 & 3
Essential Phone
Flip 3 & Razr 5G

Everyone copied that first iPhone. They copied the M7's BoomSound. They copied the wide-angle from the G5. They copied Night Sight first introduced on the Pixel 3.

Flip 3 and Razr 5G blows them all away. I just can't see myself going back to a slab ever again. The iPhone X introduced Face ID and I absolutely hate it. Even if I'm not wearing a mask and lying in bed, it won't register.

The X was so overrated by the people who bought it in 2017. Only had 3GBs of RAM. For iOS, get 6 minimum. For Android, get 8 minimum.

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notches and holes should never exist,i would never buy a phone which has it,also rounded corners of the dispay appeared somwhere in 2017-2018 which limits my options to have newer phone,iphones doesnt count

  • I hate Applle

I hate them for the following reasons

1) They had to switch to micro sim, and when everyone else "copied" , they switched to "nano sim", and then everyone copied so they switched to e-sim, and again the idiots copied

2) The notch -- that's one of stupidest ideas to ever get invented, and is unforgivable for other companies to copy

3) Removing chargers from new phones ? So you pay $1000 and they don't even give you a fast charger ?? And samsung decides that it was a good idea to copy that idea to??

4) Requiring a sim tool to remove the sim card : this is just plain stupid.

I think the only company who resisted most of those grievances is Sony. I'm not sure why they didn't advertise that their company isn't a follower /

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Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021I've had face Id before and I don't think I'... moreSecure implementation doesn't make it poor. They could add fingerprint scanner, but they decided not to. If you don't like it, then don't buy it.

-Trix-, 19 Sep 2021” This is why android sells in the billions and iPhones are... moreMost people who buy iPhone get it with contract, they don't pay full price, AT&T alone sell as much as 8 million iPhone per Quarter.

In other world people Buy iPhone because they get it cheaper with contract, they can't afford to pay one time fee to buy some Android flagships.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021There are phones from 2017 with usb C 3.1 .... True, but atleast that time it was luxury feature, nowadays even midrange has usb 3 no excuse for flagship not having it.

If by "influential" you mean influenced other companies to out huge ugly cutouts in their phones displays then yeah, I guess it was "influential". The same way removing useful features like the headphone jack was "brave"

Fanboy of All brands, 19 Sep 2021Why does people hate MIUI so much? Is it bad? It's like an 'iOS copier and Android "loyalist" ' without copying the fluency of iOS and keeping the flexibility of Android. I was a Xiaomi user of 2 of their phones, the Mi 3 and Mi 4, ana after the Mi 4 I switched to LG (starting from the G5) and never went back.

Now I've blacklisted Xiaomi for my future phones.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021I've had face Id before and I don't think I'... more” This is why android sells in the billions and iPhones are stuck at mere 200 million”

Android only sells because they offer cheap phones. There was just article which said Apple sold 75% of all phones costing more than $800. That just shows how hardly no-one really wants Android phone, they just doesn’t have any other choice. It’s good for Android companies that Apple doesn’t offer cheap phone, we would see many Android OEMs going out of the business, but now they atleast have leftovers from Apple.

By the way iPhone sales this year going to be over 230 million, again proof that Apple is getting bigger and bigger pie

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This is the worst design decision ever made in smartphone evolution. Even though many would say it is unnoticeable it is noticeable. There is no argument about it. Phones like s9 are the best because they did not have a notch yet did everything well with minimum bezel.
The world embraced it because it is apple who pushed it thorough. This again shows how gullible apple fans are. They justify and buy anything apple puts through without critically analyzing it.