HMD Global to hold an event on October 6, Nokia G50 incoming

20 September 2021
New Nokia smartphones and a tablet are expected.

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  • Mauw

Pabliell, 21 Sep 2021This Nokia is not the same as "old" Nokia. This h... moreHmd is not just using nokia name. They use nokia intelectual patent too in making their phone.

  • Stormzy

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Just make me an N900 with todays specsOriginal phone s


Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Just make me an N900 with todays specsMAN,,, I love this phone a lot. It is a monster back then and still a monster to me. I use it for daily usage without any internet cause it is slow and not working the google. Apart from that, hope they will make a new modified N900 will a good muscles under the hood. Hope so.

  • Anonymous

Just make me an N900 with todays specs

  • Anonymous

I like NOKIA phone....

  • Anonymous

Νokia looks like wants sales only in some ages


I hope NOKIA will and I stress on the word WELL take care of feature phones, revive some old notch ones, enhance their capabilities to cope with 2021 trend. Not just only cheap under the hood specs.. I hope to see mid and high end specs for feature phones. Good quality, dual sim and large screen.

  • Anonymous

No one cares... Dear nokia please go back to your bed !!

  • Anonymous

In my opinion Nokia mobile division only exists so they can sell some negligible amount of ultra basic devices to test their 5g networks. Even so these phones should be dirt cheap to make a decent test device.

  • Woohoo

I wish HMD spent all these resources on making a very good mid-ranger (like Moto has done now) or a budget flagship instead of releasing a crap-ton of underpowered/overpriced phones!!
That one phone could've lifted the sentiment and re-ignited interest in the brand and then later if they wished they could sell those entry-level models

  • Anonymous

Magnaroader, 21 Sep 2021Remember when HMD released awesome phones like the Nokia 7 ... moreAdd to that the 6.1 (beautiful design & colours & built like a tank even if it was slightly underpowered), 7.1 (again beautiful design & colour, HDR10 screen, very good camera especially portraits for the price range, but it was basically a marginally better 6.1+), 8.1 (again good design & gorgeous colour, fricking OIS which is still a rarity in the mid-range after Oppo also dropped it from Reno series) & lastly 7.2 (I hate to repeat it but that cyan green matte back looked and felt mwah).
All of their phones at that time used glass backs even the 5.1+ which my mom had for a few years as it felt much better

What happened to Nokia 9's successor? Tbh their only exciting phone was 7 plus

  • Anonymous

AlienKiss, 21 Sep 2021Nokia doesn't exist anymore. It's just another ch... moreHe speaks the truth!

  • AlienKiss

Abdulkadir.AN, 21 Sep 2021Dear HMD, Please don't spoil NOKIA�... moreNokia doesn't exist anymore. It's just another cheap china brand using the name.
It's more like Mokia or Nookia now 👽😂


  • Anonymous

They are releasing millions of phones now, most of which will go unsupported shortly after release. They should stick with 4 or 5 phones and support them properly.

There are rumors about new Nokia phone X100, does someone know more about that? Should we wait for that one?

  • Anonymous

Go for Samsung or Xiaomi.

  • Magnaroader

Remember when HMD released awesome phones like the Nokia 7 plus, the 8 Sirocco and the 9 Pureview (great design at least)?
What the hell is HMD doing now...yikes.

Hbk112, 21 Sep 2021I think parent company nokia should be sued for misleading ... moreUp

Dear HMD,
Please don't spoil NOKIA's name.
Ex- Nokia User (lover)