HMD Global to hold an event on October 6, Nokia G50 incoming

20 September 2021
New Nokia smartphones and a tablet are expected.

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Nokia is far away from the competition.
Don't defame the name anymore HMD !

  • Cs

Beautiful day

  • Jewel

Looks like no one really cares about the once upon a time KING Nokia. How could they? Because they're not well suited for present competition.

  • Anonymous

Hbk112, 21 Sep 2021I think parent company nokia should be sued for misleading ... moreLol... Hmd is not subsidiary of Nokia.
You can request nokia to stop licensing their brand name for hmd. They are getting millions of dollars without doing anything.

I think parent company nokia should be sued for misleading people by lending its name to entities which produce low quality products.

I've been hearing a Nokia flagship for far too long, and it never happens.

  • mak

What a waste.. Nokia's releases are getting more and more ridiculous

  • Fadli

Pabliell, 21 Sep 2021This Nokia is not the same as "old" Nokia. This h... moreAgreed

  • Anonymous

still interesting...
how theyd market the tablet...
wanted n1 before but cannot get it even importing from hk...
might be a good recommendation for online classes, for those who cannot pay more... that is if the price is right...
never had a nokia phone from hmd... but had the nokia x2 dual sim forked android phone, under microsoft...

The reborn of NOKIA raining the same chipset. The fall of Symbian start like this.

Why don't they leave what is already dead? Nokia died a decade ago, HMD stops ridiculing a brand as iconic as Nokia is

Nobody care global to hold an event on nobody cares date, an other 400sd phone incoming.

  • Leonidas

Look what they've done to you, Nokia. You'll be missed.

This Nokia is not the same as "old" Nokia. This here is HMD, allowed to use the Nokia name for phone branding. Old Nokia is still there with telecommunication business, but not making phones.
And sadly, HMD is giving Nokia a bad name.

  • AnonF-1016461

Miss you Old Nokia
I think it's better that Nokia close manufacturing phones and shifts it's money and focus on 5G services

  • Bliztor

At this point, HMD should just stop altogether. They're not even trying anymore.