Nokia G50 5G phone unveiled with Snapdragon 480, 6.81" HD+ display and a 48 MP camera

22 September 2021
The phone will receive 2 years of OS updates and monthly security patches for 3 years. It supports 18W fast charging.

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Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021What makes XR20 a good phone ? Rubber coating on the phone ... moreXR20 is rubbish

Hemedans, 23 Sep 2021Lot of people underrated sd 480 because it's from 4xx ... moreOoo nice!!!💪💪

  • Anonymous

bob, 24 Sep 2021could have been good, alas the negatives of it (massive scr... moreSuper weak chipset? Dude. If you still think that SD480 is weak chipset, you really are ignorant. I'm sorry for you.

Too big a screen. Who wants to hold a tablet to your face an making a call. Looks so stupid and uncool

  • Review

G60 may be 7 inch display with ugly quad bumb camera setup.
G70 may be 8 inch display with ugly five embossed camera setup
G80 may be 9 inch display with ugly six embossed camera setup.
G90 may be 10 inch display with ugly seven embossed camera setup (this G90 you can use like phone or like tablet).🥸🥸🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
G100 may be 11 inch display with ugly eight embossed camera setup (this G100 you can use like phone and mini laptop). 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • bob

could have been good, alas the negatives of it (massive screen, 720 res, super weak chipset (no surprise there though hmd)) far outweigh any good to be found (3.5mm, 48mp cmos (that's it).

  • Toothpaste Man

Everything is great apart from the huge abnoxious display. 6.8 inches??? Who the hell needs that. And 720p nonetheless. 720p isonly fine for 5.8" and below. Im pretty sure on this display you can see individual pixels while using the phone normally.

OnePlus Nord N200 5G is better than this crap.

  • Anonymous

It's image processing capabilities are a lot inferior to the superior series, so worse cameras
despite the sensor you use, also lower native sound quality, etc, so i can careless of the raw performance when the extras!!!! aren't there. Is like put a turbo in a small Lada, it will not make it more appealing and comfortable.

From everything I've read, the SD 480 performs much better than previous 400-class chips. How well it performs on the G50 depends on optimization, but in theory, it should be pretty good.

I found both of these videos informative:

Why the Snapdragon 480 might be the most important 5G processor of 2021:

Is Snapdragon 480 Underpowered? Benchmarks, Speed Test, and Throttling Tested!

  • Anonymous

How can some company launch such mediocre phones back to back?? Even if apple launch low specs phone they would launch it for lesser price than this & will have much better specs. Nokia Brand name is just a label on the hmd phones.

  • Adewale

Hemedans, 23 Sep 2021Lot of people underrated sd 480 because it's from 4xx ... moreWow quite a good phone for the price.
I love this from Nokia

rizki1, 23 Sep 2021what do you expect a Nokia flagship? they will give you a 6... moreWell I kind of liked their camera concept with 9 PureView so was looking forward to what they do now

  • maxair84

boring phone

  • Anonymous

Yawn, another oversized slab of mediocrity. Nothing to see here, move one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021720p on an 6.8" screen???? Old person phone.

  • Milan

Is this a joke or seriously Nokia did this design purposely?

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021It's only GPU that gives the performance similarity to... moreLot of people underrated sd 480 because it's from 4xx series.
1. You said camera, sd 480 has triple 12 bit isp (same as sd 888 and 778), while sd 720G has dual 14bit isp, sd 720G can handle single camera well sd 480G can handle multiple camera with easy, nowadays phone dont use single camera, almost all phones has 3 or more sd 480G is much better in this aspect.

2. Sd 480G has support for Quick charge 4+ compare to 4 of 720G.

3. Sd 480G has support of faster memory, 2.1ghz ddr4 (dual chanell, same frequency as sd 855 but fewer chanell) ram compare 1.8ghz of sd 720G and same to ufs sd 480G support 2.2 version.

4. Sd 480G has better modem (even lte)

So sd 480G is not inferior to sd 7xx series.

  • Anonymous

5G for 5G's sake.

Rather save money and battery life, then having 5G that this phone cannot really benefit from.

Like add slick tyres to a Nissan Micra. It's not going to go any faster.

  • vijee1

Nokia name should not have revived by this stupid new owners, hugely disappointing products one after another, they are just not putting any effort. Good Bye Nokia!

  • Anonymous

Another Snapdragon 4xx with the same price as Xiaomi or Realme phone with Snapdragon 6xx or even 7xx. Nokia never learn.