Nokia G50 5G phone unveiled with Snapdragon 480, 6.81" HD+ display and a 48 MP camera

22 September 2021
The phone will receive 2 years of OS updates and monthly security patches for 3 years. It supports 18W fast charging.

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  • Anonymous

720p on an 6.8" screen????

  • notive

This is absolutely terrible, you can get better phones for the price! For example: Poco X3 Pro

LG Superfan, 22 Sep 2021Nokia flagship? what do you expect a Nokia flagship? they will give you a 60hz IPS screen for €900. I miss Nokia 2017-2018.

  • James

Is Nokia following the Motorola's templates for phone names?

More dumpster fire from Nokia

Generic garbage phones from outsourced designs with some (once) cool name on them.

Just what we expected from HMD.

  • Anonymous

Hemedans, 22 Sep 2021Trust me it's good thing they use sd 480, don't g... moreIt's only GPU that gives the performance similarity to these you mentioned. Also you cant compare SD480 with the 6xx and 7xx that have way better support for camera set up and ots of other features.

  • Anonymous

Penk2856, 22 Sep 2021XR20 was good. Just aimed for sepcial consumers. The others... moreWhat makes XR20 a good phone ? Rubber coating on the phone body ? That is basically same as silicon case Chinese phones have with there phones in the box. With pretty much no features on that phone to justify it's high price for competition with real rugged phones on the same price range

  • Anonymous

If you guys only knew, all these phone brands that you are mentioning are paying to nokia for technology patent... Nokia don't give a s**t of whatever we say I guess as this is purely business. But still I'm using my NOKIA phone and I am happy with its performance.

  • hmm

There is the idea for Nokia just move the large bezel on the bottom to to to have the selfie cam in it so yuo can have full screen without holes or cut out when you need to have this bezel on it with a tablet size screen of 6.82 inch.

Is there even any other brand that use SD480 ? Like this be probably world record breaking expensive phone with it's hardware

Tano27, 22 Sep 2021Worthless piece of junk!i agree!

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021The only good device from hmd was 6.1 plus and 8.1 which ca... moreActually the Nokia 8 is still my current phone. Very fast, great screen and lovely build quality- still get compliments about it.

  • Anonymous

Tano27, 22 Sep 2021Worthless piece of junk!Hundred percent true.

  • Enobong

Penk2856, 22 Sep 2021XR20 was good. Just aimed for sepcial consumers. The others... moreWow this gonna be the best Nokia phone in terms of sales, especially now that chineese brands are found to be shifting with hidden spying hard and software. One of the best 5g phone with the best price point, i like this, Nokia is back

  • Tano27

Worthless piece of junk!

Nokia flagship?

Is it a joke? Waterdrop with chin branding?
I'm sure noone who developed this will ever use it!

  • Anonymous

The only good device from hmd was 6.1 plus and 8.1 which can even beat their current releases.

  • Anonymous

Using Nokia name for this kind of sub standards things... :(

  • Anonymous

wtf is this abomination of a phone

Lmao Nokia keeps expanding it's chin while others are trying to remove it. At this point HMD literally don't give a shit about Nokia. They are just milking it as much as they can before it dies AGAIN!