Nokia G50 5G phone unveiled with Snapdragon 480, 6.81" HD+ display and a 48 MP camera

22 September 2021
The phone will receive 2 years of OS updates and monthly security patches for 3 years. It supports 18W fast charging.

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  • Anonymous

Pity that this phone doesn't have a Dimensity chipset, or else it would be an interesting buy.

  • Mgkole

I really try to understand Nokia's strategy but i cannot. It seems to me that they are building unimpressive and bland phones for a purpose.

That ugly chin just for the sake of branding is here to stay , RIP buyers🤮

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021What's the purpose of these 720p nokiasThrow it on your enemy? Less regret

Wraitx, 22 Sep 2021Is there any other chipset than Snapdragon 480 in HMD global?Trust me it's good thing they use sd 480, don't give them idea to use helio p22 again.

And sd480 is more powerfull or equal to 4g 7xx/6xx soc. You get same perfomance as samsung A52, redmi note 10 pro etc.

Perfomance wise G50 is not bad, but it's not premium like other midrangers in same price point.

And price probably will be lower around $180 or less worldwide.

glad that it doesn't have SD460 thought they wanted to equip SD195 initially but this chip is not available at this moment, 360p screens are also unavailable, that's why Nokia has to choose a 720p screen, This phone looks weird, a thick chin, a shitty notch, a garbage!

  • Brian

For a 200£ phone the specs are competitive, having a 720p screen at this price is sore spot but it's manageable if it's colour accurate and bright enough (the 2020 iPhone SE doesn't have a 1080p screen yet you don't see apple fans complaining), the battery is wonderful and the chipset is comparable to the Snapdragon 720g in benchmarks so it's fast and has "5G", add 3 years of software support of which almost no other brand at this price offers with a smooth bloatware free experience. I like this phone.

So...even in the US, you can get the OnePlus N200 5G for $70 cheaper with 90Hz and stereo speakers whereas the Nokia gives you more OS updates/Security patches, and UW camera...

This is just dumb.

DMX, 22 Sep 2021It seems to me that in the real NOKIA while HMD executives ... moreYou mean cheque not check

Nokia who?? Another meh phone

  • Anonymous

What's the purpose of these 720p nokias

It seems to me that in the real NOKIA while HMD executives and investors are sending their check, they don't give a damn what hmd does that is destroying the Nokia name with this crap that it is throwing, until the CEO who started it left. . the boat that must say something !!

  • Wraitx

Is there any other chipset than Snapdragon 480 in HMD global?

  • Nikojas

Doea Nokia now officially make the worst phones? Who is their management? I could do better and I have no experience in the mobile business!

I've rooted for nokia since its comeback. Looks like they're heading towards another disaster

  • Anonymous

What a joke lmao!
If you really want a decent 5G phone that destroys this one, check out Motorola's G 5G Plus.
On Amazon it goes for 210 euros.
Realme can sell you the 7 5G, 8 5G, 8s 5G.
Oppo has their A74 5G.
HMD has lost it...

Anders, 22 Sep 2021hmd must've released about 60 phones now and still onl... moreXR20 was good. Just aimed for sepcial consumers. The others are garbage

  • Anonymous

WTF?! 6.81 inch screen with 720p?? That one huge brick phone 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Anonymous

Anders, 22 Sep 2021hmd must've released about 60 phones now and still onl... moreAnd 7+ is not even HDM.
It is ODM device.
LOL ......

hmd must've released about 60 phones now and still only 2 good ones. The 7 Plus and the 8.3 5G. The rest have been some of the worst phones I've ever seen. The garbage here included