Microsoft announces new Surface Duo 2 with Snapdragon 888 and triple camera

22 September 2021
Features new slightly curved dual 90Hz displays.

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  • Feroz Khan

If the design is upgraded a bit like frame & edges then this will appear majestic. Steel frame with 90 degrees edges or reduce the curves of the edges a little bit. It is looking awesome in my mind's eye.

  • Feroz khan

Edges 90 degrees & steel frame like apple.

  • Vy

Viola, 23 Sep 2021Btw who is supposed to be viola. The person ordering food i... moreI noticed that too! Makes no sense!
(But then again, this is Microsoft we are talking about, that would be too much to an for :/ )

  • Vy

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021I believe they're on to something in regards to where ... moreThat is not how maths work when it comes to diagonals. Two 5" screens side-by-side make for approximately a 6.5" combined one

  • Eklavya

Please make one good window phone or Android with single screen i loved ur lumia series back days and it was very good i want something like that

  • Anonymous

Why they r not making single screen Windows running phones anymore when they r making dual screen Android phones?Really strange n unacceptable!😂🤣

  • Wiss

Why they are trying to invest money and time in a product which is below par by todays standards. Look at galaxy fold 3 and it's similar pricing.

  • Anonymous

It's thin and light which is a good thing but it is too widely for most people's pockets

  • Anonymous

Did they ever fix the bugs on the first version?

  • Per

A god, 23 Sep 202110" dual screen from 5" dual displays? please exp... moreI love geniusses that expand our possibilities, especially when it involves laws of nature. Why criticize him? I want him to give free energy to the world too, shall we let him?

  • Oh really

i have 3 people in my friends with galaxy fold 2 or 3. All complaining how the middle part of the screen is giving them issues. And the warranty seems to be against the wear of the screen. Price to repair is around 900 euros.

So no, i would not get a foldable yet. How Surface duo is done even with all the flaws seems to be the most durable version atm.

  • JD

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021Instead of this shit better to buy LG G8X duel screen at pr... moreVery true

  • cableguy0

$1500 and you still have to buy a charger?

  • Anonymous

Instead of this shit better to buy LG G8X duel screen at price of $350.

  • Anonymous

Amy, 23 Sep 2021I'd just spend 300$ extra and get a z fold 3 that'... moreI'd rather not. I had my fair share of experience with Samsung's foldable screen before. Would I buy another one? No, definitely not.

  • Anonymous

Bad it's another crappy product from Microsoft

  • Anonymous

Can I play pubg?

  • Jeeva

Johnny , 23 Sep 2021How come it’s running Android not windows and those cameras... moreAgree!

  • fren

too expensive for 2 pieces of screen with a joint in between!

  • Anonymous

Surface Duo, Microsoft,'s idea of a foldable: decrepit , straight from '00s... At this point I am thinking that Microsoft has become a vehicle for money laundering. Intentionally crappy products, spurious people put dirty money on one end, have them squeaky clean on the other.

If ML laws were to be reformed (charging the perpetrator of a crime , not the mediation of money), companies like Microsoft would not exist, no (actual) product to sell... until then we are subjected to this, MS pretending to be an actual company w actual products (nobody buys them).