Official Xiaomi Civi's teaser reveals design similar to vivo X60 Pro

23 September 2021
It will be introduced on September 27.

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  • Anonymous

This is not the successor of the Mi Note 10. So still waiting fot it. From Xiaomi, they officialy talked that it will arrive later, so this one is obviosly not its sucessor.

Will this be rebranded to Mi Note series or a new different series? Tbh that color looks beautiful

  • Anonymous

Did you heard Lithuania government urge its' people throw away Xiaomi phones because it has censor software inside.

Just another >=6.5" brick in the wall...

Looks like mix between Vivo and Huawei.

only blue color like x60 series...
The black version dont have silver camera bump...

  • Anonymous

wouldn't be surprised if Xiaomi turns out to be another BBK sub-company

  • Anonymoss

I wouldn't say the design of the Civi is fully 1 on 1 with the x60 Pro, the camera island is a tad bit bigger, but they definitely do look similar. Then again it's the way of life for subsidiary companies to borrow phones from one another.

Also like NotCory said, I wouldn't be too surprised if this gets released as the Note 11 outside of China.

that beautiful phone is maybe for teenagers, but not for me :v
i dont like Sd778

  • Anonymous

do you even know what "identical" means?

  • Jai


Might be the most beautiful Xiaomi device yet!!

They should give android one another go with this phone for the global market

  • Anonymous

meizu 18x

Watch as this phone gets rebranded as Xiaomi Note 11 outside of China

  • Anonymous

WTF?! Hahahahha 🤣🤣