Huawei nova 9 series announced with Snapdragon 778G 4G chipsets, up to 100W charging

23 September 2021
The Pro model packs a larger display with dual 32MP selfie cameras.

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  • Johnson37366

EricDVP, 24 Sep 2021They didnt too Only huawei phone that released global in l... moreHuawei does quality and Samsung does quantity. You just get a better product from Huawei period.

The absence of 5G for that amount makes it less attractive. However, would really like to try the Harmony OS and get a feel, how is the performance of the OS??? any user or users?

  • Zahid Khan

I love hawaii mobile

Prefer 66W charging for safety and longer battery life.

Aierlan, 24 Sep 2021According to one of the largest Chinese Reviewers Xiaobai, ... moreI don't think there are restrictions on camera sensors anyways it might perform better in low light than other 1/1.56" sensors because this one is RYYB

TooMuchTimeOnMyHand, 24 Sep 2021"Now about huawei and government relationship, firstly... moreI am not buying the country, just a product. Also America effectively cut huawei from the rest of the world, not just America.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Yes. This is disappointing since I like GSMArena and don�... moreOh no, there must be some serious conspiracy going on here because it's so goddamn unnatural to see a tech website reporting news about one of the most well-known mobile phone manufacturers releasing their new products. So much corruption indeed, I can give you a tinfoil hat if it's giving you hard time sleeping at night.

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021When is Huawei gonna let us unlock the bootloader??I heard you can do it unofficially

  • TooMuchTimeOnMyHand

captain fokou, 23 Sep 2021They had kirin and balong (they used tsmc, they were design... more"Now about huawei and government relationship, firstly why would they share data with them, secondly even if they do it we don't have proof but we have proof apple gives data to the American government whenever they want it."

Why woul'd they share it? Are you serious? This is China we talking about. Do you know anything about China except few mobile brands they make? Do you know how different their laws and politics are from ours "western" way of living? You don't know. All you want is justice right? Where is the proof of China being innocent? It's easy to accuse US, but what do we know about China? What proof do you need if there is a slightly chance they would do it if they get a command from above? Who can say no to a CCP? Would you wait for something to hapend even you know the risk of failing? I don't think so.
You are talking about proofs how Apple or Google or whatever spies on us and giving info to gouverments but they have a right to do it because we are all American allies. They can't do it in China because China wont let them use their tech there. So why should America alow it for China do the same thing to their allies? Why? It's not just about bussines between two brands, it's about politics. Why are you even mentioning Apple with this story about Huawei? For God sake just use Google search and imform youself. Or use a DuckDuckGo if you don't trust Google...
Peace buddy!

Beautiful but no Play Services, no me Buying

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021We, Chinese people, really don't care about GMS.Yeah, exactly. This is a phone being released in China. Lack of GMS is not an issue.

Huawei should target areas where 5g is not a thing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021You can still install necessary apps from google like gmail... moreYou don't do banking, I guess. Or watch Netflix. Or do anything else that requires safetynet....
Since you don't, it may be a good fit for you, LOL. Or, if you live in China.

  • Anonymous

NanaBongo, 23 Sep 2021When will Huawei ever learn? Without GMS and 5G, they still... moreWe, Chinese people, really don't care about GMS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021No 5G and absurd price, for 142$ we get one more selfie ca... moreblah blah blah blah

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021No Google services and only 4G...what a joke You can still install necessary apps from google like gmail, youtube, etc. separately.

  • Anonymous

Anders, 23 Sep 2021These guys still going? 😴😴And for a long time to come πŸ˜›

AirY, 24 Sep 2021Is 2MP camera is must in every phone?Idk. It's useless but who cares more cameras look better I guessπŸ˜‚

kek, 23 Sep 2021Because $$$$. Why do you think this site keeps posting ... moreNo thats bs. There are still alot of people who own huawei phones and are in glibal market so no gms. And they reviewed the mate x2 because 1. The design was different because of wedge design and no crease. 2. It had the best camera for a Foldable. 3 it was the most expensive one available and if huawei ever gav eit to them for free to only review then thye would do it. Infact they would do this if they got any device. Huawei is a whole big @ss company. And getting huawei to sign a deal like that would be impossible. Gsmarena is a tech website not a company or someone who was an huawei employee duhh that thier gonna tell them to review new devices. Besides harmony os is another os(similar to andriod but no it's not same) is a new os an dthier showing how much progress. And only haters go hate on these articles and fans defend them. While other tech geeks often ignore em.

NicoLPFR, 23 Sep 2021These are almost Honor 50/50 Pro clones. I guess this prove... moreThe honor 50 series and the nova 9 series started producing and the phone specs were decided whne huawei and honor were together and nova 9 could hva ebeen rebrand of honor 50. But since it couldn't hav ebeen enitrly different they had better main camera and after charging I guess