Huawei nova 9 series announced with Snapdragon 778G 4G chipsets, up to 100W charging

23 September 2021
The Pro model packs a larger display with dual 32MP selfie cameras.

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bulbulito.bayagbag, 23 Sep 2021Then they shouldn't be releasing global versions of th... moreThey didnt too
Only huawei phone that released global in last year was mate 40 pro and nova 8 nothing else
And Xiaomi or samsung released their phones 2 in one week😂

  • Anonymous

rebranded honor 50 and 50pro...

  • Anonymous

When is Huawei gonna let us unlock the bootloader??

  • Vineesh

Indian online market phone releasing date?

  • Anonymous

8MP ultrawides should die

I respected only one smartphone brand from china from the very beginning, and that's huawei.
Always comes up with fresh look, tech, ideas , just love them but unfortunately they don't have google services neither the availability in India

  • Anonymous

captain fokou, 23 Sep 2021They had kirin and balong (they used tsmc, they were design... moreRight on point! Noam Chomsky is a great history teller

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021They put themselves in this position. Huawei would not be... moreQualcomm tech?! 🤣🤣🤣 it's about the production, not design of the chips. Kirin is and was a great chip, the best out there. Not the most powerful but the one with much more on the table than Qualcomm's.

Is 2MP camera is must in every phone?

  • Anonymous

NanaBongo, 23 Sep 2021When will Huawei ever learn? Without GMS and 5G, they still... moreSeeing your name it's very clear that these phones are not made for you or your region, so why complain?!

  • ranger

the problem is.. black listed in Google

kek, 23 Sep 2021Because $$$$. Why do you think this site keeps posting ... moreHighly doubt that Huawei would pay them for this at all. Think about it. Huawei is basically only trying to survive and their new devices are basically only selling in China in limited quantities due to lack of components. Why would they want to pay to advertise to a small community on this website, basically none of whom are going to buy the phone? In any case Huawei can't even meet the demand of Chinese consumers for their mid to higher end phones so they don't even have any stock to sell abroad. This site is always reporting on devices that are only released in China from every brand. Basically every Realme, Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo and Iqoo phone that is released is reported on (often numerous times and multiple leaks) even though they are often only being released in China. The site has even started posting links to live streams of Chinese launches on the website

LG Superfan, 23 Sep 2021Could it really be their flagship sensor? Tbh I would gladl... moreAccording to one of the largest Chinese Reviewers Xiaobai, it's a 1/1.56" sensor. I think it's likely an Omnivision customized sensor due to the restrictions but the manufacturer hasn't been specified

  • Anonymous

No Google services and only 4G...what a joke

  • Anonymous

Huawei phone with snapdragon? What a good surprise.

Could it really be their flagship sensor? Tbh I would gladly give up that sensor for a 64MP 0.8nm one if they give a decent UWA and 2 or 3x telephoto

  • Anonymous

kek, 23 Sep 2021Because $$$$. Why do you think this site keeps posting ... moreYes. This is disappointing since I like GSMArena and don't like to think that Chinese money corrupts them as it does so many other sources.

Then, go ahead and buy something that suits you. I will get the Nova 9 for the oncoming holidays, GMS or no GMS. Period. Tired of giving the Surveillance State more data to spy.

  • Ed

Np Google nobody will buy huawei phone

  • Anonymous

captain fokou, 23 Sep 2021They had kirin and balong (they used tsmc, they were design... moreThis is FUD. Please do not equate democracies with dictatorships. Apple does not share information with the US government, as numerous lawsuits by law enforcement have shown. Huawei is deemed a security risk by countries as diverse as Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, and the UK, based on its close relationship to the Chinese military.