Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's alleged renders leak with S Pen slot

25 September 2021
As uncertainty of the Galaxy Note series continues, leaked renders suggest Samsung is taking a whole new direction.

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  • Haamu

This will not be the actual design of s22 ultra
Only samsung knows it

So it's basically the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Cool cool cool.

  • Anonymous

the newer galaxy note

Looks likes a power bank.

  • Anonymous

price? possibly around 1400 usd :(
this is not an ultra this is basically a note series so in the end the S series got scrapped because the spec and design is obviously a note not s series

  • parth

wish the main camera sensor is 1" that's the only thing i want from samsung s 22. i dont care about design . it looks nice even with bump cam setup.

I like the design, but it would've looked a lot better with a pop up camera.

P-CHM, 25 Sep 2021That module looks awful. It is simply horrible. Also that ... moreEveryone said same before s21 series launch regarding camera module...i am sure this will look fine in real life

It is not real or the final design but if that indeed is the design for this year ultra then it looks really bad

basically a note phone with a fugly camera bump

this camera design is ridiculous i like s21 camera design better

the phone looks thick and still have camera bump.

The camera bump make it looks like a chinese flagship.

But overall shape looks so gorgeous just like the old Xperias

Eeew that camera module is ugly af.

  • Anonymous

The camera bump 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ an ugly way 😂😂😂

Seriously...previous S21 design are way nicer. The actual S22 design better improve from that previous design language. These are still 'leaks' anyway 🤷🏻

  • Anonymous

Good!! Samsung must work on improving the foldable and make its display technology on par with S series phones.

Didn't have any reason to launch another Note phone in September after launching the samse phone in January.

All that energy goes on to improving Foldables.

That module looks awful. It is simply horrible.
Also that phone is thicker by almost 1mm, versus the Note20 Ultra. This might be where they managed to fit the 10% bigger battery.