Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's alleged renders leak with S Pen slot

25 September 2021
As uncertainty of the Galaxy Note series continues, leaked renders suggest Samsung is taking a whole new direction.

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  • Anonymoss

Philip, 29 Sep 2021Comment of the year, 2021I've seen thousands of comments better than that.

  • Philip

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021So, apperantly Shamesong will give only pictures of S22 wit... moreComment of the year, 2021

  • Cip24

So basically S22 Ultra will be NOTE 22 an the rest of the series will be S22. They bring together both strings "S" and "Note" in one string. Great! I had Note 2 then Note 8 and because I was waiting for a real change but they were about to drop the NOTE series I bought the S21 Ultra this year. Now I cry because I should have wait for this Note 22. I don't change the phone every year.

No 'Note" , no 'SD card" , ... no Samsung !

  • Anonymous

So, apperantly Shamesong will give only pictures of S22 with box.
First SD gone then 3.5mm then headphone then charger now it is the time for the phone it self.
You'll get brand new box but without phone because you have already a phone.
You receive stickers for your phone, so you can change your phone to S22.

Don't be angry, Shammy does that for saving environment.
You'll fill Shamesong's pockets while supporting earth.

But Apple has better plan...
They even dont send you an empty box, only a voucher for software support and apple care.
So, you can imagine your brand new iPhone 14, you can make your own design...
How much cpu power, how much giga pixel camera, how much storage...
Only your fantasies limits you...

You'll have your own ip14, purely customised for your desires.
Best of it is, you don't need to worry about "How to hold your iPhone 14", how fast battery drains...

Amazing, isn't it?
You know the magic word:
Say 3 times...

  • Anonymous

Looks like a Huawei P30 Pro...

  • pedra

forhad-61, 26 Sep 2021Back looks ugly :/ S21 looks far better. looks the same as any other phone

  • S22

I am using samsung from 1995 to 2021 I like only samsung

Back looks ugly :/
S21 looks far better.

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021Trimming bezels is why 1 and 5 series have shitty front cam... moreI don't mind that. I use my Note to assist me in my daily tasks, not to make futile selfies nobody care about that will be posted on social lamedia for useless "likes" while a bigger company rakes in money. The only times my selfie camera ever gets engaged is when I open it by accident while using the rear sensors.

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 25 Sep 2021Honestly? The main flaw with the XZP's design were the... moreTrimming bezels is why 1 and 5 series have shitty front cameras.

XZ Premium has 1/3" while current have 1/4".
1/3" is 2x the size of 1/4" sensors.
Selfie cam of XZP has similar hardware of LG G6 rear cam.

Impossible to fit inside 1iii bezel.

  • bop

Curved screens everywhere. Ehhhh. And why they are still making slim phones with big asimetric cameras on the back instead of a little bit thicker but safer flat ones?

Shanti Dope, 25 Sep 2021I'm very well aware of that, but the general point sti... moreHonestly? The main flaw with the XZP's design were the humongous top/bottom bezels. They look an inch thick x2. The Note design works because the bezels are almost non-existent. Older designs had greater radiuses for that reason. It made them look smaller than they were.

Don't compare elongated phones with elongated foldables. That simply is not a fait comparison. When someone thinks of a Z Flip, they think of it in its closed state. It can open, that's its main thing. People are willing to sacrifice width for true compactness. The recent Xperias are constantly very long and narrow, which does not make them compact. The 5 III is tall like a S20/FE, but also as large as an S10e. That's just not very great. Foldables are really not the same category here.

P-CHM, 25 Sep 2021Or... it looks like a Note20 Ultra, perhaps? Or even a Note... moreI'm very well aware of that, but the general point still stands though. This design language is literally considered ugly when Sony did it, but after Samsung did the same thing, it suddenly became "professional-looking."

Just like now with the elongated design of the current Xperias. Using the Sony phone is troublesome and inconvenient for many, but the same people are perfectly fine with the similar aspect ratio on the Z Flip 3.
It's simple: something new is not good until Samsung and Apple incorporates it on their products.

I hoped for flat screen. What is the point of this curved screen? Even I have s21 ultra I don't understand this "advantage".

I Is it slow news day, seems like every tech site is reporting this leak?

m pretty sure this isnt going to be the look of the s22 ultra, this render borrows heavily from the note 20 ultra and that weird camera bump is just ugly. You think samsung designers are dumb enough to take that shape? Comeon.

  • nobleM16

still prefer the s21ultra design

  • LOL


I currently have a S10E, and am really interested in this.

Had a Note 2, and really miss the pen function. As far as everyone freaking out about the "camera bump", who really cares what it looks like? As long as it does the job designed for it, so what? Put a case on it like 90% of people do, and call it good. The primadonnas whining about the camera bump are just that, whiners.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021I love the Butcher's knife shaped cam bump. LOL .... Yeaa🤣 so weird