Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's alleged renders leak with S Pen slot

25 September 2021
As uncertainty of the Galaxy Note series continues, leaked renders suggest Samsung is taking a whole new direction.

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This will be more of like the Note 10 which has Cornered Edges but somewhat Curved ...

If Samsung Continues to Produce the Note Series making it Individual but Releases Simultaneously along with the S Series, then that would be the Best Idea & not Shy for its Fans..

Shanti Dope, 25 Sep 2021It really looks like the Xperia XZ Premium from 2017. Yes,... moreOr... it looks like a Note20 Ultra, perhaps? Or even a Note10? Your comment is a few years late. Notes were always boxier than S phones, there is no surprise here.

Techfun, 25 Sep 2021Everyone said same before s21 series launch regarding camer... moreNot me. I thought the new S21 module was nice and unique in the right way.

  • shomirul

it looks like galaxy note 10 series

  • sccs

ugly back

  • Indiot

Andar, 25 Sep 2021They dind't kill galaxy note. They kill the S series b... moreWhat do you mean?

Looks delicious

  • Anonymous

Super model

Dariooo, 25 Sep 2021Weird or wired? Wired...dang autocorrect and app not letting me edit. Lol

Dometalican, 25 Sep 2021My thing is, why not both? I don't know why Samsung do... moreWeird or wired?

Please call it S22Note I'd cream my pants

  • Anonymous

I love the Butcher's knife shaped cam bump.
LOL ....

  • Anonymous

Design is not that good . Look like boxes. Spen should be optional.

A god, 25 Sep 2021My new iPhone arrived and I just wrote a simple Metal App t... moreThanks for sharing

It seems unlikely to have this new design. They will make it similar to the ongoing one more an older one.
If the S pen hosting is legit, there will be no more Note, which is a shame because they really made it worth its price and earna strong name among phones.
Just as longa s they keep away from Exynos.... I might Actually buy one.

Nip, 25 Sep 2021I'd rather have headphone jack over SPenMy thing is, why not both? I don't know why Samsung doesn't use an opportunity (you know, as the owner of the entire Harman/Kardon brand) to make an S-pen that has a headphone jack on top of the pen. It makes it weird when entered into the slot and then wireless when you take the pen out of it. That would be true innovation.

  • AnonD-1018819

I highly doubt this is the design, but oh well. Has Nokia vibes when it was still under Microsoft's rule...

Lol, designers in Samsung had their brain dead thinking of a totally new design. What a waste!

  • Mahfuz

It is totally awesome.

Then this is the big deal for the note fansπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻