Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's alleged renders leak with S Pen slot

25 September 2021
As uncertainty of the Galaxy Note series continues, leaked renders suggest Samsung is taking a whole new direction.

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In my mind its like a note one where is S series going if this is true so they don't need other flagship series because of they are going to be same.THAT'S A BIG MISTAKE>>>>DON'T.

  • Lyrienne

It looks hawt!
except that cringeful camera Island. I hope they will bring up a better design than this... >.<
the S21 LOOKS WAY better than this abomination.

  • stefkor

Hopefully it will be an S pen model , hopefully a good replacement for my note 9

The phone looks good, thickness is ok, with the exception of the camera bump. What is that shape..?

A god, 25 Sep 2021My new iPhone arrived and I just wrote a simple Metal App t... morecool story, brah

  • Anonymous

The Note is dead, long live the Note!

  • Addy Campbell

Just bring back the SD card support.. I will happily give all my money...

  • Anonymous

Yes, this is a Note that is called ā€žSā€œ. And yes, that camera housing is extremely ugly

  • Kokuyo

Looks like Galaxy note.

  • AM Bunny

It's just a render. Samsung better come up with a better design or at least give us a Note using the same body of Note 20 Ultra but better internals at 70% of the launch price lol. Would smash.

No, that looks like Chinese design and hopefully will not get ever in production.

Give us the Note 21 Samsung or else!

Squared corners look sexy šŸ˜

  • Bobi7x7

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021If it isnt a complete package of features + more(3.5mm jack... moreThen do that and stop nagging arround

It really looks like the Xperia XZ Premium from 2017.
Yes, the design that was hated because of its "boxy" aesthetic, is now being incorporated by Samsung.

It's very unlikely the S22 Ultra will have a Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra-esque design, but hey... Samsung may surprise us big time.

A god, 25 Sep 2021My new iPhone arrived and I just wrote a simple Metal App t... moreI dont render triangles in my daily phone usage.

  • Anonymous

If it isnt a complete package of features + more(3.5mm jack, expandable storage, etc.), no thanks! Going to stick with my Note 9 till it dies.

  • Abuabdullah

Ugly šŸ¤£ s21 series has the best design ā¤ļøā¤ļø

  • NiJon

The camera bump/cutout are getting more and more ridiculous.

  • mahtab

no dont like. just note series

  • Anonymous

Curved display, punch hole, no 3.5 jack...pass!