Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch reportedly canceled

27 September 2021
Chip shortage and better-than-expected sales of Galaxy Z Flip3 are cited as reasons.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Bro its not cancelled they will change name to s22fe and pr... moreThat's basically cancelled lol. Essentially what you've mentioned is a new phone with a new chip.

  • Anonymous

The S21 is already kind of a paired back phone to begin with (it's predecessor s20 5g was a full fledged mini Flagship so it needed a definite paired back version)

  • Anonymous

Bro its not cancelled they will change name to s22fe and processor sd 898... And launch along with s22 series

  • Anonymous

I was desperately waiting for this phone, this is such a dumb desicion I'm kinda pissed

  • Anonymous

Well they took out a lot of features and options that fans actually wanted to have. So good riddance.

  • Anonymous

Sucks for anybody in EU waiting for this.

Flip 3 and Fold 3 have "meh" battery lives but have 888 in EU, but the S21 series uses Exynos 2100 which is "fine" but in practice somewhere around 865.

Then Samsung ignores 870 at all from what I know.

Previous S20 FE was a fine phone for most, and yes yes I know Chinese phones are better and cheaper but not everybody wants them, and while then I would say "get Asus instead" not every country sells that one for a fair price, and let's ignore the OS support of Asus for a minute here.

I am fine with this because I had no interest in this phone, but some did due to OS support, not being Chinese and for EU having a 888 with decent battery life.

Anyhow not surprised to see Flip 3 sell good, for a foldable the price is fair enough.

  • Anonymous

The Flip 3 is a big success for sure

While other brands launching phones every week,only scamsung has chip shortage lol....its their agenda to sell the pricier flagship phones more so that ppl wont move over less priced fe edition

idc what ppl said but me myself been waiting for this thojlfdsnl

according to all the leaks, its exactly like s21/21+ and since there're dozens of rumors about the s22 its stupid for them to release this

  • cyber

some manufacturers already sold cases for this model,its highly unlikely to be canceled

As much as I like the comparatively cheap FE phones, I want Samsung to focus their heart and soul in the Flip 3 now that I finally bit the bullet and bought mine.

The outer cover screen has so much potential and could be developed to do so much more that what it does now. I just hope they find a balance between where it has enough features to not treat on their smartwatch lineup as that outer screen is the biggest threat to the watches.

  • Refaamine

Xiaomi and other brands already conquered the segment this s21fe was planned to drop in. I really don't see why this phone should exist if it doesn't get an s pen to justify the predicted price of 700 € an 3.5 jack, SD card slot, a fast charge socket or a charging socket at all, an IR blaster... This is not a fan edition, this is milking the Fans and this phone was dead before launch good thing samsung cancelled it...

  • AnonD-1018330

To be honest, this phone is exactly like S21. There's no point of launching the same phone with ,,FE" in the name.

  • Anonymous

FE = Failed Edition confirmed!!!

  • Anony

Flip is the shittiest thing i have ever laid my hands on. The crease that forms in the middle is so annoying that it totally detracts the usage experience. This is the epitome of gimmick marketing and the fools who fall for this deserve to lose their money over this BS.