Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch reportedly canceled

27 September 2021
Chip shortage and better-than-expected sales of Galaxy Z Flip3 are cited as reasons.

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  • Anonymous

CptPower, 29 Sep 2021Man get Xiaomi or some Motorola and be happy. They are bett... moreLol Xiaomi or motorola software is not good .
and it's no smooth has samsung's one ui samsung ui is customisable and they give 3 years OS update and 4 years security update.. samsung phone gives extraordinary features

  • Anonymous

Samsung should think that the price of flipping and folding mobiles are high and s21 FE's price is low they can't compare flipping and folding mobile with this S21 FE. There is huge difference between both mobile they should bring S21 FE. The S21 FE also compete with oneplus mobiles so they should definitely lunch the mobile and also the FE edition is for fans of Samsung.

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021S20 fe or s20 fe 5g mention that I mean exynos or SnapdragonI had the Exynos variant of S20 FE

cyrus, 28 Sep 2021if this device doesn't come i have to go around xiaomi... moreThe only reason they launched FE variant was to compete with the Oneplus Devices since they offered very good value to money and Samsung was loosing its share.... I blv we now hav to switch back to the Oneplus devices.

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Samsung S21 Ultra will surely be my last " normal &quo... moreMan your comment is definitely funny.
Folding and flipping phones are as durable as ice cream in hotr summer.
Dont know anyone who will like more folding or flipping phone over the bar one.
In my country here in Slovakia i own a company with 40 stores across my country where we sell phones from like 50 brands and plenty of accesorize.
Since release of first folding phone back in 2018 or so only 2 were sold.
Reason is simple noone wants costly gimmick which coompletely breaks on even a tiny drop.
With averge salary of 800 euros per month and average costs for living per single person about 400 noone will ever buy thus costly gimmick not worth any coin and impression to have.

nano, 27 Sep 2021Samsung you are a idiot company, I waited so long for this ... moreMan get Xiaomi or some Motorola and be happy. They are better in every aspect and fair also more price friendly.

tekina, 27 Sep 2021As much as I like the comparatively cheap FE phones, I want... moreMan cheap:???
No brand new just released samsung phone with SD8XX chip has been ever released or sold under 700 bucks no matter what.
Compared to Xiaomi where Pocophone were sold for less than 350 bucks and many else successors follow same trend.

LoL nice joke.
Only clzumsy people would believe that a folding fragile super expensive device will sell a lot better than a clasical bar phone with a flagship specs.
Nice lies Samsung but what to expect from company like you right???

Chip shortage is inevitable as it affects the whole electronic industry, but better-than-expected sales of Galaxy Z Flip3? Give me the choice between an S20 FE or the Z Flip3, and I'd take the former all day long. If I want to own a vertical folding screen flip smartphone, the Z Flip3 won't be my choice. That goes to the Motorola RAZR 5G.

  • Sajid khan yousfzai

Waiting for this phone please realise this

  • Anonymous

Erceylan, 28 Sep 2021After being fed up by S20 FEs performance issues (Extreme h... moreS20 fe or s20 fe 5g mention that

I mean exynos or Snapdragon

  • Mrkevin42

It was not going to have microsd Card slot, so I wasn't going a buy it anyway.

Bukkehorn, 28 Sep 2021I don't know with you, but if he say he want to root a... moreRoot isn't relevant any longer. That is the point. There number of people who actually need it is so diminishing small it's irrelevant. The number of people who needs the software security of a root protected phone is massive. Basically anyone with normal consumer habits anyone with valuable data. So, trying to argue that root is more important than having a phone guaranteed to be free from Beijing remote controls is nonsense. Xiaomi will be banned from trading in the EU by the end of the year.

  • cyrus

if this device doesn't come i have to go around xiaomi or apple
samsung plz do sth to realize this

  • Lukemo

The best thing they could do is at least put a SD870 in it seems it plenty available and is the best chipset this year due to the over heating issues of the 888.

James , 27 Sep 2021It is cancelled because their s series sales plummeted for ... moreTrue... Apart from the bad name the S20 FE Exynos variant got, The bad sales of over priced BS S series is one of the main reasons.... I mostly used to compare my S20 FE with the S20 Plus and apart from built quality there was no difference even Cameras results were too similar and upto the mark, watching this who in their right mind would pay such high price for the S series lol.... but just look at the crap they are giving us for not launching the S21 FE lol

  • Anonymous

Erceylan, 28 Sep 2021The idea of S20 FE was amazing and even the design and spec... moreFrankly, eyeing the S20 FE as against the S20 only because it ships with a Snapdragon as against the Exynos for the S20 here in India. Was also considering the A52S, but that is a tad bit plasticity. All thanks to Google for keeping the Pixel away and inaccessible!

unxpctd, 27 Sep 2021This phone has taken way too long to come out and it's... moreAfter being fed up by S20 FEs performance issues (Extreme heat up with even normal editing apps n games and then they closed down after a heat up warning lol, Worst battery timing, very bad GPU performance), I switched to A72 and had a very good experience with A72. The only thing I miss is the S20 FEs camera, you hardly get that in that price range.

The idea of S20 FE was amazing and even the design and specs on the book were too good. But All the Exynos variant users (including me) were extremely dissapointed by its third class performance and over heating issues plus the worst battery timing ever....
I believe that Samsung actually knows that the S21 FE sales will definitely be affected by the bad S20 FE experiences only thats why they are re-considering its launch.

  • Egg

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021The advantage of Xiaomi phones is being easy to root or unl... moreMy Galaxy S20FE 5G has it's bootloader unlocked.
It's a UK model, though I've heard it's mostly US models running on AT&T's network that have it truly locked.