Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch reportedly canceled

27 September 2021
Chip shortage and better-than-expected sales of Galaxy Z Flip3 are cited as reasons.

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Duck of death, 28 Sep 2021Why would you want to root a Samsung phone in 2021? What�... moreI don't know with you, but if he say he want to root a phone, I cures he mean it.

Another thing is, even if I did not want it, I really like the brand which offer the opportunity to root a phone... The customers own phone.
Most Android users don't like Apple because they don't give you the opportunity to rule over your own phone right?

The Android brand which reminds most of Apple is for sure Samsung, sad but true... Not only because of this, but in many ways.

I do hope this isn't true. the S20FE was well loved by many people and I do hope that Samsung continues this line

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021The advantage of Xiaomi phones is being easy to root or unl... moreWhy would you want to root a Samsung phone in 2021? What's happening when you compromise the firmware security is simply a safety guarantee that it is genuine. You can do whatever you like with the installed software on the phone through other simpler means.
I can understand why people wants to root Xiaomi phones though. To remove all the illegal remote controls Beijing forces onto them.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021But that is the issue, some people don't want a Chines... moreThe advantage of Xiaomi phones is being easy to root or unlock bootloader(Xiaomi even provides this themselves) unlike Samsung where there is Knox(when tripped no more warranty), DRM & recently will kill your camera if you unlock the bootloader, etc. Its easier to install custom roms on Xiaomi heck even on their forums devs who make custom roms are plenty/welcomed.

  • Diamon

Never comeback to samsung, such a hipocrite company, poco f3 its just better and maybe couple of more years just keep it and never comeback to overpriced product.

This phone has taken way too long to come out and it's probably a good thing it's canceled anyway. The A52 5G and potential A72 5G are functional replacements for it. the a525g is not on the same level but it also cost hundreds less and the a72 is quite close. Samsung used to have an a80 line and I even believe a a90 line but they seem to have abandoned them.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021I purchased the MI 11 Pro at 650€ through TradingShenzen, c... moreBut that is the issue, some people don't want a Chinese phones and Xiaomi is one.

My main reason not to get Xiaomi is MIUI, I hate it and I wish they came with a proper android one phone or somebody would make a vanilla ROM for Xiaomi phones.

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Anony, 27 Sep 2021Flip is the shittiest thing i have ever laid my hands on. T... moreSlab phones are useless, using up a square mile of real estate in your pocket only to be used occasionally. Their design is freaking inane.

Flip phones solve this,nyou can't see the crease look straight on. Flip 3 is the only good phone Samsung currently has, everything else is either gimmicky or useless. Phones as big as tablet completely negate their mobility factor...

People realized and buy them in droves. I expect the slab phone to go the way of the dodo, once big foldable mature as well we'd look back at the time that people were lugging tiny screens that use up all their pocket space and laugh. In fact I already do...

  • James

It is cancelled because their s series sales plummeted for two reasons s20 FE and expensive price tags. They learned that the 500USD range for flagship level is what people are willing to pay for. Even if i can afford a 1000$ device,i would say no to it anytime.

Galaxy S21 FE cancel galaxy A73 SD778G place this space that is samsung game
Upcoming A53 40K around A73 50K this is marketing mid flagship space to midrange

  • Diddy

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021In India, you have so many choices. Don't bother to wi... moreWell if its good for u then yes, but Rog phones has nothing for me and samsungs do.

  • TrickyTrucky

Well, Samsung are thinking: we dont make S21 FE, we want people to buy more expensive devices, thats why we wont doing more Note series cause wont make sense since we have Fold3 and its bigger than Note whatever model we make. And doing an FE may disturb our mid tier devices sales. So to summarize: no more Note series and maybe no more FE editions. 🤣

  • AnonD-940827

So they cancel a budget flagship for a midranger. But again, it's Samsung anyways.

  • Anonymous

Reading the S22 and S22 Plus(Pro) leaks coupled with chip shortage, i instantly knew it would be cancelled. It looks too similar to the S22 plus and the S21. (And the S21 is already discounted to its potential price target.) It would be like releasing the same device 3 times in a very short time because they look too alike.

Thank God, I changed my mind early this month. Once it confirmed that SD Card missing, Thats a BIG NOOOOooo for me. Endless rumours, unconfirmed specs. Too much hype. that just cross the limits. I brought Note 20 Ultra 5G and very very happy with that. Everything is going far than expected. Exynos is a very good processor or may be I got a good one. Camera is just outstanding. Many said you'd have brought S21 U but that also lack SD Card. I choose what suits me. Happy.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021In India, you have so many choices. Don't bother to wi... moreYeah, but prefer to stay a bit far from the Chinese. ROG 3 is a good option, but I prefer something that has decent support. At the moment ASUS support in India is non existent.

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S22 = 167g
S22+ = 195g
S22U = 228g

  • AnonF-1013367

Haha, the comment section is who is going to take the biggest sh*t on Samsung. I thought iPhone users hate Samsung, but those bipolar Xiaomi users with are worse.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021I purchased the MI 11 Pro at 650€ through TradingShenzen, c... moreWell one should prefer paying more for better brands than these stupid Chinese brands with no value and security

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It was postponed and now it is canceled. Cancel it forever, there are produced 999999 trilion devices if one less isnt produce is not such tragic lol.