Apple uses three new Sony camera sensors in the iPhone 13 Pro Max

27 September 2021
All three cameras got improved, the ToF and the front-facing camera remain the same as the predecessor.

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CptPower, 29 Sep 2021Hasselblad used by Nasa is the best cameras money can buy. ... moreyou have no idea how industry works. dont be those steriotype fanboys :)

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 29 Sep 2021Hasselblad used by Nasa is the best cameras money can buy. ... moreHasselblad also uses a large amount of Sony sensors... :)
I don't get the hate for Sony sometimes. They're a tech giant, they own Sony Pictures, and apart from Sony Alpha, they make the VENICE series of cinematography cameras. They have a big and very experienced R&D department and know what they're doing. They just happen to be leaders in other industries as well as cameras - namely game consoles, audio equipment, TVs, etc.
Furthermore, calling them "basic" and "below Canon and Nikon" is nonsense. Especially when Nikon has all but decimated by Sony. Sales and photographers themselves speak of this. Canon is an exception - they're the best camera company in the world, with a third-party lens ecosystem that no other brand has.
But generally speaking, the most technologically advanced cameras come out of Japan. Everyone else is either a boutique brand (like Hasselblad) or charge ridiculous prices for their rebranded cameras (Leica).
At least, unlike Leica's rebranded Panasonic cameras, Hasselblad hand-makes unique camera designs.
But just because they're used in NASA doesn't mean much - Windows XP (and, at times, even older OSes) are used in many high-end situations, doesn't necessarily mean that they're better. Professionals would flock to Hasselblad otherwise - but they choose Canon and Sony for a reason. Sorry for the wall-comment, I love sharing knowledge on this stuff.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021Sony's Alpha cameras are some of the very best in the ... moreHasselblad used by Nasa is the best cameras money can buy.
And when comes o basic cameras for basic people Cannon or Nikon will win over any Sony like nothing.
mark III by cannon is the best proffesional camera money can buy.
Maybe i dont know everything but know enough.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 29 Sep 2021Man best cameras belongs to Hasselblad which uses NASA. A... moreSony's Alpha cameras are some of the very best in the industry. The EXMOR line is also
Canon and Nikon are great, but sat on their laurels too much and are now losing from the competition. That competition is Sony and Panasonic
Fujifilm is the Japanese Leica
Leica and Hasselblad primarily sell rebranded Panasonic and Sony cameras respectively.
I work in the industry so I know a thing or two. Hasselblad's NASA cooperation is an exception to the rule. The best cameras currently are made by Sony, Panasonic, and Canon.

  • coki

CptPower, 29 Sep 2021Man best cameras belongs to Hasselblad which uses NASA. A... moreHasselblad uses sony sensor.

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Sony makes the best camera sensors. Look at their full fram... moreMan you funny.
And yet Cannon EOS-1D X Mark III was selected as best camera money can buy in this year along with Cannon EOS-R5.
Also a Fujifilm X-T4 is great.

-Trix-, 27 Sep 2021Sony is building best camera tech for phones yet their own ... moreMan best cameras belongs to Hasselblad which uses NASA.
And if we exclude this supperior brand Cannon, Nikon, Panasonic or even Fujifilm are lot better than Sony will ever be.

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Alpha, 28 Sep 2021Yes, but for me who uses an A6400 with the Photo Pro app i ... moreSure thing. I reckon you also put your "big boy" "proper" camera into a pocket and not a big ass satchel...

  • The Collective

MagicMonkeyBoy, 27 Sep 2021Apples images are way over exaggerated by the user. Because... moreYou must be a colleague of Data’s from the Enterprise, maybe a Borg?
You have a native 8k screen on your mobile device? Since when has android been a hardware brand? Android parts…? Comedy hour on SciFi

Sony is the best but Apple bionic image and video processing is better than all chips.
Sony is always shine i mean they are top with camera sense 1940 the japan is ahead.

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021And the image quality is better than xperiaLol please, I tried both iPhone 12 Pro Max and Xperia 1 ii's camera and the iPhone is an oversharpening joke. Only the Xperia manage to produce the closest photo quality to my Nikon DSLR camera. The only area where the iPhone really shines is video recording, not even Pixel can get close.

If the main camera of 2020/2021 flagship Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy S21+/S21/S20+/S20 has 1/1.7" and 1/1.76" physical sensor size respectively with 1.8µm pixel size, it's pretty sure the physical sensor size for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max's main camera must be bigger than 1/1.7" since it has a larger 1.9µm pixel size.

  • Alpha

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Absolutely! Xperia image quality is a bad joke. You have t... moreYes, but for me who uses an A6400 with the Photo Pro app i destroyed my friends IPhone 11 photos! One is for Pros, the other one is for 15 year old girls!

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Lol, are you the same guy who was saying something stupid l... moreYeah, there was one time I spoke about the pixelation issue on recent Xperia after finding it out on GSMArena's photo comparison tool, but then one guy came in to claim that (as well as lens softness) is caused by "micro blurring being applied based on depth information gathered from ToF sensor" to nullify my point. Glad to see someone else finally noticing the issue.

kek, 27 Sep 2021As I suspected lol. The main 12 MP sensor on these iPhones ... moreThe pixel size is slightly larger on iPhone's sensor, so definitely not as similar as IMX555 is to IMX557.

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021At least both do not perform crop + upscale to advertise as... moreYou're still going at it? I guess free-form lens still is and will be forever fake news to you lmfao.. Keep living inside your own world, kiddo.

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Ivo., 27 Sep 2021And no 10x periscope camera - dead on arrival! S21 Ultra wi... moreSamsung always wins.

And no 10x periscope camera - dead on arrival! S21 Ultra wins again!

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Funny how every article that mentions Apple has a lot of co... morenot as much as the sony articles😅

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[deleted post]Amazon didn't calculate the full frame equivalent f-numbers completely correctly.

The correct values are rather:
iPhone 13 Pro:
Ultra-wide: f/15.15
Wide: f/6.65
Tele: f/23.6

iPhone 13:
Ultra-wide: f/20.2
Wide: f/7.9

They also didn't mention one of the most important specs: the effective aperture diameter
The iPhone 13 Pro tele has 3.21mm, whereas the 12 Pro Max tele has 3.41mm and the 12 Pro tele has 3.0mm. So the 13 Pro tele captures more light per time from objects than the 12 Pro tele, but less than the 12 Pro Max tele. So, 3.21mm is quite disappointing, especially when you know that the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 tele (not periscope) has 4.37mm. The S21 Ultra "3x" camera has 3.75mm.