Xiaomi Civi unveiled with Snapdragon 778G, 6.55" 120Hz OLED display and 55W fast charging

27 September 2021
Civi is the new CC line. This model (just the one for now) has a 64 MP main camera and an 8 MP ultra wide cam.

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  • Naxal Rose

Wireless charging?

Xiaomi should srsly consider getting rid of the useless 8mp Ultra wide camera and switch to 12mp at the least, like samsung mid range.

Put this side by side with the most Vivo releases and you will agree they look the same. Save for their logos.

  • Kosio

That's exactly what I need. Fast hotspot with good bluetooth and infrared. I'll miss only USB 3.2. I hope to have it in EU soon.

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Yep, another pointless phone from Xiaomi. The Mi Note 10 wa... moreYeah exactly! I am waiting for a Mi Note 10 Pro sequel for 2 years. I was expecting so much more from this Civi line (I read that this should replace the CC9/Note 10 line).
Disappointing :(

  • Smart faruk

Just osm

  • Anand

Ewww, 28 Sep 2021You must be really smart. Fantastic superb mobile it's my dream to buy 3d oled display mobile

  • Anonymous

It's not sure yet if there is global variant.

  • Anonymous

Will it come to Europe?

  • Middle Guy

I think with this civi phone line up they need to focus on the cameras only so they can perfect the cam on the other phones also they could experiment with a camera chip only so it can help with the camera prosscing. We need a new phone like the mi note 10

Dudenoway, 27 Sep 2021The moto edge s pro is more expensive than this even in Chi... moreNah, it's not more expensive. It's cheaper than this. The Moto Edge s Pro is 2,399 rmb in China versus 2,599 rmb for the Xiaomi Civi (for the 8gb 128gb variants of each) so the Moto one is the cheaper of the two. You're right though. This is aiming for the offline market and targeting mainly young female consumers to compete with Oppo Reno, Vivo S, Huawei Nova and Honor Digital series phones. Xiaomi is aiming for a higher profit margin with Xiaomi branded phones whilst keeping Redmi as the price to performance ratio brand. This phone is definitely not aimed as consumers who want the ultimate value for money. Redmi, Realme, IQOO and Motorola (in China) branded phones are for customers who want the best price-to-performance phones in China at least.

  • hohoho

Vivo isnt one of Xiami sister/sub brand right?

So why tf its exactly the same design?

  • Ewww

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Ewwww, an 8MP ultrawide. GarbageYou must be really smart.

  • Anonymous

Ewwww, an 8MP ultrawide. Garbage

  • Anonymous

What's the point of three years guaranteed updates when Xiaomi can't even make a stable one?

  • User

This phone has nothing to offer that is better than the Poco F3 other than it's battery and camera. Overall I believe this phone is a bit overpriced. Definitely not a bang for the buck.

  • Anonymous

Yep, another pointless phone from Xiaomi. The Mi Note 10 was truly a bang for the buck, with an amazing camera for the price. It was aimed at photography buffs. This Civi is a mediocre phone aimed at teen girls and it offers no particular value compared to the competition.

Johedt, 27 Sep 2021Exactly. Motorola phones are the real bang for the buck. Xi... moreThe moto edge s pro is more expensive than this even in China and global is way mroe expensive and this is ment for people who like thin light phones and regardless specs aren't bad but they are trying to compete with vivo in offline market.

  • Steve

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Punch hole garbageA notch is better huh?

  • Ruby Auto

Johedt, 27 Sep 2021Exactly. Motorola phones are the real bang for the buck. Xi... moreLooking amazing how Many price in Indian?