Xiaomi Civi unveiled with Snapdragon 778G, 6.55" 120Hz OLED display and 55W fast charging

27 September 2021
Civi is the new CC line. This model (just the one for now) has a 64 MP main camera and an 8 MP ultra wide cam.

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Looks like a Vivo.It does, all Xiaomi does is copy copy copy

LG Superfan, 27 Sep 2021Why doesn't anyone use 64MP 1/1.7 0.8nm sensor? In low... moreThis sensor is cheaper than an a Sony imx686. That's probably the main reason I would think. Cost savings

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SA007, 27 Sep 2021These guys went to compete with Vivo in the offline segment... moreHow is it a Vivo X60 knockoff ? Just cause the camera island have black and cray color ? Never mind that the cray color area is 2 times larger then on Vivo X60 and has a lot larger flash in it. And never mind that all phones in the market look the same if you take out the camera island in the back. That camera island is left as the only thing now you can design for a phone

Yeah, because that's what we need, not a top camera midranger... Before you say "pixel 5a 5g" most people don't live in America

So just a 11 lite 5g for China with a better width...
Sorry just a 11 lite 5g NE copy considering that thé panel has less nits...

These guys went to compete with Vivo in the offline segment
with this one I guess but instead ended up creating a cheaper looking Vivo X60 knockoff.

And the rest of the phone is too similar to the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G with minor differences. No thanks, I'll pass!

Cooler vivo x60

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Looks like a Vivo.

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Isn't Poco F3 better?

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One good device after another, Xiaomi us definitely no.1 this year

DDM, 27 Sep 2021SD778 is new SD625... But in a good way as its far superior... moreI think not, Xiaomi is still around 2 or 3 phones with this processor.

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Nice pricing

Will there be a camera centric Civi Pro?

Why doesn't anyone use 64MP 1/1.7 0.8nm sensor? In low light it should be better than this
Also it seems a bit expensive for the price

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no use when these brands cant even compete with apple even in their own darn country


so much for not using western brands anymore lol

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Curved Display, Dolby atmos, Light weight... Waiting....

So it is basically an Mi 11 Lite 5G with 4500mah battery and 55W charging

SD778 is new SD625... But in a good way as its far superior & better.