iPhone 13 mini matches the 12 Pro Max in DxOMark's camera tests, 13 Pro places 4th overall

28 September 2021
While they weren't the most exciting upgrades, the cameras on the iPhone 13 series are very competitive.

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  • Anonymous

Incredible , 30 Sep 2021This iPhone 13 mini is an android killer. Too much power. A... moreyou are tech wise literate.
apple are not innovative, they only have good OS that's all.
Any other aspects some Android phone can counter iPhone

DxO mark very pro Apple. Asus, Sony and Samsung make great high end fones but don't get such great scores.

  • Anonymous

Incredible , 30 Sep 2021This iPhone 13 mini is an android killer. Too much power. A... moreHow much power is really accessible to the user??

  • Incredible

This iPhone 13 mini is an android killer. Too much power. A15 and cameras in such a small device. Incredible. The pro MaX is on another planet!! Apple can’t be touched!

  • Ohi

Lmao, if it was the other way around and some android phone had gotten those numbers, iphone users wouldn’t have cared, android users would’ve praised Dxomark, end of story
But since Dxomark gave those numbers to iphone
The android community just can’t digest that.
Smh why you guys so lame.
Grow up

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021that might be true. But the fact that probably 95% of the p... moreYes, exactly.

Harshal, 29 Sep 2021Are you kidding ? Things u said are true only if don't... moreIf I'm going for resolution, I'm using my Sony A1 or if I'm in less of a resolution mood, my Olympus E-M1X or III. A phone camera, is not about resolution, it's about capturing the moment with as close to a consistent colour science. The right tool for the job. You don't take a Ferrari to a dirt track and you don't take a digger to a racetrack.

  • Anonymous

Photo : iPhone 13 Pro is at the top.
Video : iphone 13 Pro is at the top.

That's it.

Rest is for scoring purposes, (aka bragging rights).

  • Anonymous

Pay attention to the zoom and I have seen some comparison on youtube where the iphone cant compete with phones that have 10x zoom capabilities.

The iPhone 12 cameras weren't very good in the first place. Overrated as usual.

  • Anonymous

ST, 29 Sep 2021I have compared the cameras of the S20U and the S21U for a ... moreThat happened because Samsung have sent a phone with the beta software. After the review was out, Samsung didn't send another unit to be reviewed, so the score remained there.
It's no doubt that s21 ultra is a very very good phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021Adding on the list that Android chips are 2 generations beh... moreIssue is that chipsets and Android itself is very general purpose built. Where iOS is super optimized specifically for A series Bionic chips. And it shows just through how small batteries iPhones can have and still get away with it. Imagine any Android phone with A15 Bionic level of performance chipset using just 3200 mAh battery and not being absolutely worthless.

Sugg, 28 Sep 2021My price range is 13 ProWoah that's alot. First it boils down to preferance but here are some options since iphone 13 pro is around 1000-1100 euro if max or non max
1.samsung s21 ultra is a very solid option with a great camera setup but disadvantage is mainly price is a bit too high(just a bit tho) and too heavy
2.xiaomi mi 11 ultra by far the best hardware u can buy an dif u are censored about software don't worry xiaomi treats its flagship phones very nicely. Main disatvanatge is too heavy.
3.oppi find x3 pro has by far the best night time photos I've seen and the first ltpo screen too. Main disadvantage ispricing is high and tele camera is bad and bad battery life
4.omeplus 9 pro very solid option is a good display and good camera though tele range is 3.3x which is wierd. Main disatvanatge is useless monochrome cam and bad battery life
Now if u cna live without gms then huawe p50 series is going ot be officially announced jus tprciing needs to be confirmed so yea. And btw these aren't based on which is best and which is worst hut random order. I hope it helped

LOL, 29 Sep 2021Huawei is a dead brand, not sure why it is still involved i... moreActually it's th e opposite. Especially in chip market. Kirin is not the most powerful chip but has the best thermal management heta management and battery management including huawei software optimization for it. Only in camera huawei was legendary and will remain legendary no matter what rubbish u say. The p30 mate 30 p40 mate 40 p50 all of them destroyed other cameras especially during the p30/mate 30 era.

Macaulay Culkin, 29 Sep 2021The iPhone 3G, 7, 8, XS, and 13 were some of the smallest u... moreAgree. Other try to actually bring some changes while big companies get even more greedy despite unlimited money but noo just like human is he wants more money and just being no changes to get more profit. And imo the smallest upgrade would be iphone 7 to iphone 8. While biggest one would be umm the iphone x or 2gs or 5s and 6s.

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Anonymous, 29 Sep 20212 oldest things in the world: 1) dinosaurs 2) iPhon... moreAdding on the list that Android chips are 2 generations behind Apple silicon.

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Android 'fans' kept standing by Dxomark when I was like the few who discredit it.

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I also doubt Dxomark scores, they have rated S10+ Selfie above 90, the selfies that I take are very bad and in low light there is absolutely no details, faces look like watercolor!

  • Anonymous

Fifty, 29 Sep 2021Nobody cares about DXOmark tests.. It's just purest ga... moreAgreed DxO is rubbish.

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ST, 29 Sep 2021I have compared the cameras of the S20U and the S21U for a ... moregotta look at the breakdown, S20U won mostly due to the zoom aspect. The test will favor whichever phone that have the closest optical zoom to what they used in the test, in this case seems like P40 pro is the point of reference.

S21U probably have way more zoom than what they used, and in that case the camera used will probably be the wider one and digitally cropped in.