Xiaomi Civi will remain exclusive to China

28 September 2021
Brand officials confirmed the news.

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I'm fixing to buy the honor 50

While they give the rest of the world 10 of the same fones with crappy 2mp cameras

  • Anonymous

Is this so they don't get caught spying on people who use certain hashtags outside of the country?

I'm using the Redmi Note 10 Pro international version which has been downgraded from my Zenfone 6 as there was some software issue which could never get resolved, so I got a full refund on my Zenfone 6.

The Note 10 is pretty good, but I'm hoping Redmi Note 11 comes with a 5000mAh battery, 55 or 65w charging, primary camera with 1 inch sensor and f/1.6 aperture, similar 6.67 inch screen, or even upgrade to 6.9 inches if possible, and uses the new Snapdragon 778G. If not, I'll have to look elsewhere for a similar config.

damn that sucks because i was actually going to possibly get this phone if it ever released to the us

  • Anonymous

That is sad but the price was on higher side even for China!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021If there is an interest sure there will be an EU rom. I do ... morePlay services aren't hard to install, however LTE band support is bigger problem as it will support only chinese bands. However I expect rebranded global variant later as this has Qualcomm SoC.

  • sayabosanhidup

kek, 28 Sep 2021With how Xiaomi loves to rename devices, dont be surprised ... morenot many will be surprised but many will be waiting 4
the lower price from the rebranded brand &thats how
they finally become the top with many clever & smart
people behind d successful marketing & other teams


  • Hmmm

kek, 28 Sep 2021With how Xiaomi loves to rename devices, dont be surprised ... moreThat's not a totally bad move. Good example is the Redmi K40 rebranded as Poco F3 and selling at lower prices. I would like Xiaomi to adapt the slim design of the CiVi for uocoming models.

soo, Xiaomi testing it first,,
Good choice

It'll be tricky and hard to penetrate too many segments,,
and weird for consumer.

  • Anonymous

WhiteTree, 28 Sep 2021Just wait for Xiaomi.EU ROMIf there is an interest sure there will be an EU rom. I do believe without international rom google services can be installed and run just fine with China stock ROM, for I am using my 11 ultra with China stock google services enabled. Only downside are bloatware bundled in China rom

  • Anonymous

Non250, 28 Sep 2021Why only China again? They've been sending bad devices... moreSamsung releases crap soc for countries that are other than korea so why you complain

  • Anonymous

Hopefully it will NOT see worldwide release as Note 11!

  • Zero

Plot Twist: the design is reused and is the Redmi Note 11 Pro next year.

  • Mihai

I want Civi 😭

What shall I buy for best selfie camera? We got p40pro - poor. Maybe s21ultra?
Xiaomi ! Just give us (non China) the Civi!!!!!

  • WhiteTree

Just wait for Xiaomi.EU ROM

its okay if xiaomi not distributed Civi to other countries.
Actually i dont need civi.
Their flagship is far more interesting.

  • An0n

GSMA is right. It probably comes as Poco "Youth" or something.

  • Anonymous

No advantage over x50 pro+