Xiaomi Civi will remain exclusive to China

Michail, 28 September 2021

Yesterday Xiaomi introduced its new Civi line with the aptly named Xiaomi Civi midranger. It carries an enticing feature set like a 6.55-inch 120Hz OLED, 32MP selfie cam with an autofocus lens and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G.

Unfortunately the aftermath of the event brought some bad news to those looking to get the phone outside of the company's homeland. Xiaomi confirmed to Android Authroity the device will remain exclusive to Mainland China.

Xiaomi Civi colorways Xiaomi Civi colorways Xiaomi Civi colorways
Xiaomi Civi colorways

With no plans to bring the Civi to global markets even if you did manage to import one you will likely have great trouble running stuff like Google services on it if it is at all possible. And the shipping fees and import taxes would render such an endeavor pointless on a mid-range phone.

On the upside, Xiaomi has a history of bringing devices to global markets with different names so there is still an outside chance we might see a rebranded Xiaomi Civi down the line.



Reader comments

While they give the rest of the world 10 of the same fones with crappy 2mp cameras

  • Anonymous

Is this so they don't get caught spying on people who use certain hashtags outside of the country?

I'm using the Redmi Note 10 Pro international version which has been downgraded from my Zenfone 6 as there was some software issue which could never get resolved, so I got a full refund on my Zenfone 6. The Note 10 is pretty good, but I�...

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