Samsung removes the support pages for the Galaxy S21 FE

29 September 2021
Those pages were evidence of an impending launch, now they seem to be harbingers of the phone's cancelation.

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  • Anonymous

Samsung has promised three years of Android updates to all Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21 variants. Sadly, the Galaxy S9 series isn't included in the list.

  • cekodok

No..... i already waited for long time, maybe need to wait again for S22 :(

  • Anonymous

omin89, 01 Oct 2021so many rumours and downgrade reported but i still waiting ... moreThe s20 fe 5g is worth a look still. Snapdragon 865 has better battery performance and doesn't get anywhere near as hot as sd888. Oneplus 8 is worth a look too now prices have come down..I have both the fe and the op8 and the op8 is definitely more premium feeling plus you get longer battery life than the fe. If you like curved screens go for OP8 or flat screen galaxy s20 fe 5g. I can't recommend the OP8T because it lacks 120hz gaming on many 120hz supported games while the fe supports more titles at 120hz

  • Anonymous

Galaxy s21 neo would be a good name and it's something they've done before

so many rumours and downgrade reported but i still waiting for this and suddenly said its canceled? What should i buy?!

  • Anonymous

Well damn, was hanging out on this as an upgrade from my Mi9T, guess I'll keep waiting.

Duck08, 29 Sep 2021Those are last gen devices, this would be current gen, so n... moreI never said they are same. And yes, I would go for last gen flagship instead of current budget smartphones at almost same price range.
A flagship last longer and better in every terms and budget phone is always a budget phone and yes with a few comprises.

BigDisplay, 29 Sep 2021Who really cares... Soon S22 will be released and not to me... moreI hope the S22 Ultra gets the SPen since they discontinued the Note series now.

Muzik, 29 Sep 2021Doesn't matter. In India, Samsung is just decreasing t... moreThose are last gen devices, this would be current gen, so not quite the same

Too expensive anyway

To be honest it's a pretty redundant device set between a very capable A series and the flagship S series. I think Samsung is completely missing the point as well as the potential of this phone. Fan Edition should stand for a device that rolls back every major hated change that made me stop buying Samsung phones. I want a phone with flagship specs, an audio jack, card slot and a side fingerprint reader. Make it, call it FE edition and I'll immediately throw whatever amount of money you ask for it, Samsung.

Since most people don't really like the new Snapdragon 888/888+ chipset, it's probably a good thing that the S21 FE is not released after all. Last year's S20 FE with Snapdragon 865 chipset is still a solid performer in 2021, even when using DeX. Also, 865 is more heat-efficient than 888.

Doesn't matter. In India, Samsung is just decreasing the its flagship amount like anything during Amazon sale next week.
Note 20 - 77k to 45k INR (605$)
Note 20 ultra- 105k to 70k INR (940$)
Adding to that . Iphone 12... Yes, iphone 12... Will be sell start around 50k INR. (670$)
Now, who the h** need this budget phone when you have options to buy flagship at the same price...! Nobody is going to miss this chance.

Who really cares... Soon S22 will be released and not to mention they lost many of their customers to and I don't think it will be better in the future.

  • Anonymous

Apple surely wiped it off existence.

  • Anonymous

sell the already manufactured stuff as a Limited Edition S21

No reason for it to to exist when the S22 is months away

The A52s makes more sense, the price of the s21 fe would've been close to the s21 after the decreased value.

  • Anonymous

what would've been better is if they released a SD870 phone, probably the A72/73 might get it

Wellsince the S21 is plastic made low grade flagship device with price of a super B grade Xiaomi, Lenovo or Motorola flagship its a no surprise they canceled this phone.