Microsoft releases Windows 11

05 October 2021
Available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users.

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None of my PCs meet the requirements. They run Win10 fine. Microsoft can waste more money supporting two OSs for all I care. ;)

I've been running Windows 11 on a Mi Pad 2 for months now and it's made this 2015 tablet usable again. Windows 10 was so laggy and a mess for the atom x5 and 2gb or ram, I almost sold it. Glad W11 brings old devices way out of their software support window back to life.

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Hello Bill

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Absolutely ridiculous that Kaby Lake like my 7700K are not supported from the get-go.

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GAMIRSFM, 05 Oct 2021Alright! Time to update while the others who don't kno... moreLol Linux

I will go ahead and install it, though I hope customization apps will be made available to get it to look better. I know I will install StartIsBack instead of keeping the abomination that is the new Start menu that is of no interest to keyboard+mouse users (aka the absolute majority of PCs).

PS: Those without TPMs can force the install themselves with an ISO or the Media Creation Tool. There will be NO CONSEQUENCES of using Win11 without it. Windows Update will not offer the download due to the lack of TPM but those installation methods ignore that requirement, as highlighted by Microsoft themselves.

Those with Kaby Lake and older processors can also download manually, despite the fact that Microsoft arbitrarily restricts their access. Kaby Lake does not change significantly from Kaby Lake-R, which represents the 8th Gen Intel Core processors. Skylake does not either. I am fairly certain Broadwell and Haswell will have no problem either. We could go all the way back to Conroe (Core2), I am sure of it.

Alright! Time to update while the others who don't know that Linux exist complain about the TPM requirement 😆😆

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If anyone is reading this, please wait 2 years until jumping ships. Windows 10 took that long to become stable