Realme UI 3.0 first look details widgets and redesigned quick settings toggles

06 October 2021
Plenty of similarities with ColorOS 12.

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TheArtist, 06 Oct 2021Looks trash tbh.Ouch!
IOS is much better, right? :)

  • Anonymous

Way better than MIUI

  • Ak

Realme should update & solve network / connectivity issue first.... Annoying experience with internet & calling call drops automatically & ask 4 data connection even you turned on internet connection & below 5kbps speed in 4g....

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021ios clone just like every chinese ui end of storyTo the untrained eyes, it looks convincingly iOS alike but upon a closer look they ignore to refine its looks.

Not too much change
Waiting for it

  • Anonymous

ios clone
just like every chinese ui
end of story

  • Bobby

Barry Egan, 06 Oct 2021faaaaar better looking than that ugly stock ui.Bland, unoriginal and.... something worst than generic

faaaaar better looking than that ugly stock ui.

Looks trash tbh.

  • Anonymous

Lol.. Miui ...

And Miui was inspired by ios ...

Great job Oppo & REALme for colorOs / REALmeOs

Vrij, 06 Oct 2021Looks a tad like MIUI!Looks a lot like MIUI tbh. Especially that status bar.

Looks a tad like MIUI!