Realme UI 3.0 first look details widgets and redesigned quick settings toggles

06 October 2021
Plenty of similarities with ColorOS 12.

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  • Sev
  • uvh
  • 18 Oct 2021

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Apple never forced people to use it ecosystem. Did Apple fo... moreDamn! You only buy the first one, and from there on, you live in a loop or should I say, an array of Apple branded products. You cannot get out even if you have just one apple device. Apple does not compel you to buy the first one, but definitely forces the loop on you after you do so. As a human being, we should have the choice to use anything and everything. Why should a greedy brand force you to do what they want?

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    • Sabari
    • rJJ
    • 12 Oct 2021

    Is realme ui 3.0 come widevine l1 support in realme GT china ROM?

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      • DEP
      • 10 Oct 2021

      Aditya, 07 Oct 2021realme 8 pro get this updated?Yes, 6 until 8 series can get the update and I assume the upcoming 9 series in 2022 will already have pre-installed.

        Nice. They should just come up with one name for Realme UI, Oxygen OS & Color OS. Since it is now unified. From slip capsule, zenmode to o-relax they should fuze the features into one. This would be the best Android skin period & remove the Chinese app bloat. That's the perfect Android

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          • Prey
          • rKs
          • 07 Oct 2021

          Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Apple never forced people to use it ecosystem. Did Apple fo... moreApple doesn't force you directly, but it's a closed ecosystem with loop and money at each point, you saved your data apple cloud, now you need a Apple device to get it wanna use something apple for just little while, or even once in a lifetime, you'll need to buy apple for that, now you might say it's their company and marketing strategy, and I agree, but I would personally stay miles away from such closed ecosystem even though it claims its secure and optimised

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            • Aditya
            • GQi
            • 07 Oct 2021

            realme 8 pro get this updated?

              Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021ios clone just like every chinese ui end of storyHave you forgotten that Chinese skins have themes store that can make your device look like whatever you want??
              It's ios who can only dream about being as good looking as chinese ui.

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                • vG4
                • 07 Oct 2021

                Paramvr, 07 Oct 2021not for REALME 3 pro ?? Sorry but no

                  not for REALME 3 pro ??

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                    • 06 Oct 2021

                    dbjungle, 06 Oct 2021This is why I'll probably just buy the "Pixel a&q... more;) already did. Only thing i wonder its about 6a coming next year :)

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                      • James
                      • D0h
                      • 06 Oct 2021

                      Shivraj the geek, 06 Oct 2021oof ,this doesn't seem to excite me ,looks more like c... moreBecause it's from color os

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                        • YUU
                        • 06 Oct 2021

                        Sev, 06 Oct 2021Tbh, it shouldn't matter if it looks like ios as long ... moreApple never forced people to use it ecosystem. Did Apple forced people to buy every new iPhone or iPad and so on? Or Apple watch or earbuds?? I own iPhone but I never bought anything else besides my iPhone. You need to get your facts straight 🤦🏻‍♂️

                          This is why I'll probably just buy the "Pixel a" phone series only from here on.

                            oof ,this doesn't seem to excite me ,looks more like color OS

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                              • 7kk
                              • 06 Oct 2021

                              1. Can Realme UI give us a battery graph FFS, why is it so damn hard, I wanna see the idle/standby drain because it seems way too much!!
                              2. I also need the Oppo Relax app (or ZenMode like 1+) on my Realme.
                              3. Improve the camera processing, especially skin-tones, over-sharpening & videos.

                              Also bring it fast to GT Neo/X7 Max without all the issues/bugs, why is there no release timeline yet?

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                                • tZ0
                                • 06 Oct 2021

                                wow ... cool design... android such 10 years ahead... i think apple gonna copy this design

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                                  • AnonD-1018330
                                  • J8U
                                  • 06 Oct 2021

                                  Mix of iOS & MIUI (another copy of iOS), what is this???

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                                    • 06 Oct 2021

                                    AnonD-864404, 06 Oct 2021Ouch! IOS is much better, right? :) Tbh, it shouldn't matter if it looks like ios as long as all the functionalities are present. At least, you won't be crumbled and "forced" to use only and only apple products and ecosystem, which is more or less violation of human rights.
                                    Yes, it looks like ios but it's android alright. So functionalities and customizations are endless, unlike Apple.

                                      Another chinese iClone UI. Disgusting.

                                      Realme then: we offer close to stock Android. We're not really a part of color os or clones

                                      Realme now: oops, soon I'll be all that, folks!

                                      Ugh SMH

                                        Wow, this is just a fully shameless iOS clone isn't it? lol