Reuters: the EU will charge Apple over anti-competitive practices with Apple Pay

06 October 2021
The European Commission opened an investigation into Apple Pay for its exclusive access to the NFC chip in Apple devices.

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Huh, 07 Oct 2021Seriously? What point are you trying to make with such a... moreThere are plenty of national NFC payment apps created either by European banks or national payment processing networks. Each country has different apps that do not rely on Google Pay neither are incompatible with it.

I do recognize that in the markets where Google Pay launched first the banks did not feel the need to create those alternatives, therefore there are less options available. Nevertheless, the argument that Android is not open or that Google does not allow other NFC payment apps is blatantly false, even in the markets where Google Pay exists and needs to compete with other players.

Huh, 07 Oct 2021Seriously? What point are you trying to make with such a... moreErrrr 😵 🤣🤣

Bebochekov, 07 Oct 2021They're just brainwashed by Apple ads and peer pressur... moreMaybe, but no matter what, all countries have laws which all populations and firms etc have to follow.
Its really very simple.

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021"Closed ecosystem" is extremelly over-exaggeatd s... morePeople don't take seriously over here since they know you a trolll. Now, You may return to your Apple forums and won't be missed.

Good job EU.
Make this greedy company pay!!!

Huh, 07 Oct 2021Seriously? What point are you trying to make with such a... moreThat is actually not correct. It's open in Android. Why do i know it you might ask? It's because Apple Pay and Google Pay not supported in my country so we can't use it but on Android our banks developed their apps on android. So customers can pay using their android phones NFC

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BigDisplay, 06 Oct 2021Are you folks in here 10 years old kids or? Or are you o... moreSeriously?

What point are you trying to make with such an elusive argument?

Neither apple or android devices have to open doors to any 3rd party support and if we're talking about 10 year olds then look at it this way: how would you feel when someone like the EU is forcing their own food into your child versus you, your own yourself?

Regulators will never help people, they just want to impose billions in fines so they can finance their overgrown bureacratic conglomerate.

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Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021"Closed ecosystem" is extremelly over-exaggeatd s... moreYou probably dont understand what means closed ecosystem

BigDisplay, 06 Oct 2021Are you folks in here 10 years old kids or? Or are you o... moreThey're just brainwashed by Apple ads and peer pressure. Young people are very impressionable and think that something expensive has to be good. Apple makes them feel like they belong while still being one of the most unfair, dirty, lying companies out there. They act like the Mafia, have hurt all smart phone owners by taking away options like headphone jack, SD cards, easily replaceable batteries and the ability to fix your own phone.

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minmax, 07 Oct 2021Agreed Maxmin. I will also never buy an Apple product in my... more"Closed ecosystem" is extremelly over-exaggeatd statement. It has some limitations like no classic BT file transfers or no access to NFC, but other than that, if the app or service is on App Store, the experience is identical to Android. Or sometimes better because for some reason a lot of apps are so much higher quality on iOS. Signal and Reddit are just 2 examples. Especially Reddit is terrible on Android and excellent on iOS. God knows why, you'd expect them to be same. Browsers selection is worse on iOS though so there's that. I'm using 3rd party services and I'm not limited to Google or Apple and can swap phones with either OS in an hour and not have degraded experience.

  • minmax

maxmin, 07 Oct 2021I am not an Apple lover. I actually very much dislike their... moreAgreed Maxmin. I will also never buy an Apple product in my life! With their current closed walls and over pricing and limiting users I hate Apple strongly! I may get a Macbook someday because I have an interest in App development and would like to develop applications & games for all platforms including iOS & macOS.

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Good. Only reason I can't use payment is because the transaction system used by my bank is so incompatible with Apple that they haven't adopted Apple Pay yet because of it (allegedly it's just too much work). They do have their own app for NFC payments on Android, so if they open this up they'll be able to just use their own app instead of having to adapt to Apple's system.

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This is good. Other payment methods should be able to use the NFC chip on Apple devices. The NFC chip on an Android device is open for use by any app.

I am not an Apple lover. I actually very much dislike their protective policies where they don't allow any outside access to their systems. They will not do anything for the good of their users, only good for Apple.

Point 1. USB-C plug on Iphone. Everybody in the world is going to USB-C plugs. All newer Android phones, Windows PCs, Chromebooks, EVEN APPLE LAPTOPS USE USB-C . But they still resist. The EU may finally force USB-C in Apple phones. And Apples response to why they shouldn't be forced to use USB-C is that it "stifils innovation." What a crock of

Point 2 - The Iwatch - it appears to be a good product. I would consider getting one. But it won't interface Android phones. Nada for me.

Point 3 - I, on occasion, develop some phone apps. I use a cross platform tool that can also develop Iphone apps. But Apple will not allow development of Iphone apps unless compiled on a Mac. I'm not getting another computer just to develope for Iphone.

Point 4 - Apple TV + They have some good shows that I am watching right now on a paid subscription. Apple does make an Android app to watch their streaming show. Hard to believe! All streaming services except Apple have an Android app. Fortunately I have a Fire Stick on my TV and they do have a Fire Stick app. Talk about a questionable business decision!! You'd think they would want people from all platforms to be able to sign up...

Sorry about the rant. But these type of complete control policies don't sit well with me. So I avoid Apple as much as possible...

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I agree with what EU does here.

They should also kick the butt of all banks in my country, they all support Apple Pay, but refuse to support any payment method on Android.

Only 1 uses their own app for payments (which works with all NFC based terminals, and those are the norm here).

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021I simply don't know what to say about this EU what eve... moreApple have the right to make what they want ofc, but if they want to sell somthing in a country or in a union, they have to follow the local laws.
Exactly the same for a firm from Europe who want to sell somthing in every other country, cant you see this... Its pure logic 👍🏻

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A god, 06 Oct 2021EU is not happy to have something of your own These people... moreI disagree, I think infrastructure/platform providers and service providers should be separate. Sure its not best for apple but it is best for everyone else. It is not best just for us consumers, but other businesses as well. You have to understand that Apple buying smaller companies just to shut them down or to prevent rival companies from using technology is anti competitive. Apple with their huge marketshare, when they are preventing or limiting access to their platform via imposed restrictions, blackmail or other means is also anti competitive. Apple using their army of lawyers and their wealth to buy patents and loby government for profit is also anti competitive. (e.g. preventing right to repair, patenting edges of screen and multi touch Apple is and was patent troll and they tend to sue companies which arent even in tech field, like e.g. for logo thats not similar

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cyber, 06 Oct 2021eu should fine herself with 1 billion euro for being stupid... moreIf apple wants to have European market then they need to fallow it's rules.

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[deleted post]Just reflects the divided world, americas downfall into a divided world, instead of leading it