Redmi Note 11 Pro tipped to feature 120W charging

08 October 2021
That's as fast as on the Xiaomi 11T Pro and Mix 4.

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Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021Clearly you glanced over the entire talk about the battery ... moreyou're gonna believe everything xiaomi tells you?

If that's the case, why not put 200W charging for a 500 cycle degradation rate?

They know that the 120W charging doesn't actually degrade 20% in 800 cycles, and wanted to increase the cycles claim so that people wouldn't notice as much.

If they claimed 200W charging with 500 charging cycles, people would 100% notice that the battery is decreasing in no time.

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    • 11 Oct 2021

    HaterzSuckkkkk, 10 Oct 2021Last year's flagship feature: 108MP camera This year&... moreClearly you glanced over the entire talk about the battery characteristics during the 11T Pro announcement. Did you forget that they could use the same safeguards and technology that they used in the 11T Pro where 30+ checkpoints monitor the condition of the battery from the brick to inside the phone and the battery itself lasts 800 charge cycles rather than the 500 of other batteries before health reduces to ~80%? That means even with 120w charging,such a battery,if implemented in the same way as the 11T Pro, would last longer than most other batteries that don't as fast.

      That charging ofcourse is a overkill. Redmi series has been giving very good processors as compared to same year mid range launch by Samsung... What I believe we really need is an improvement in the Camera section.... They r still giving 8mp Ultrawide which is (s h i t) and still no OIS from last 2 to 3 years

        i0S.- Never.- Again, 08 Oct 2021Last year's flagship feature: 108mp camera. This year... moreLast year's flagship feature: 108MP camera
        This year's flagship feature: Battery degration in a year and a half

        Great flagship feature this year, ngl!

          Exactly. My redmi note 10 pro charges extremely fast for my needs. I had a 5w charging phone and still I haven't got used to how convenient is a simple 33w charging speed. All I would ask for the 11 series is just a better processor, maybe a SD778g and really that would be ace. Mind you, coming from a midrange phone of 4 years old the 732g seems more than adequate enough, I can play games at relative ease so it really is a great package overall. So, better soc > faster charging imo

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            • 10 Oct 2021

            Kurosaki, 09 Oct 2021Honestly I don't care about the 120W fast charge. With... moreKeep SD 800 series on Mi pls, redmi note is enough with 700 series

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              • 10 Oct 2021

              MI note 10 lite have some issues. Company should resolve. Its software is not good

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                • 10 Oct 2021

                Kurosaki, 09 Oct 2021Honestly I don't care about the 120W fast charge. With... moreThat's why MI wide range of phones with different configurations and budget. I am addicted to Xiaomi products because the values that delivers. I rather use all my USD1500 to buy all different MI products than just Iphone

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                  • 10 Oct 2021

                  Tony , 08 Oct 2021That's right, a replacement is quick and easy but I�... moreBatteries are not some controller chip that manufacturers deliberately prevent their suppliers from selling to anybody else (hopefully Right To Repair will help with that). You can get a replacement. But would you rather have a 200 gram paperweight that is waterproof or a phone that lost part of its water resistance but is still functionally a phone? This happens well after the warranty expires, so by that time you are on your own. However, if strict waterproof is mandatory for your work or hobby, then you may sell your previous device so it helps someone else and less e-waste is sent to the landfill.

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                    • 10 Oct 2021

                    jaywaycoo, 08 Oct 2021Note 8 pro still works like a champ but I may have to get t... moreHave you considered an Android Open Source Project derivative like LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, crDroid ? It can keep your phone getting maintained for longer. The Mediatek chip on the Note 8 Pro introduces extra steps (Qualcomm Snapdragons are better in that regard), but it is possible.

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                      • 10 Oct 2021

                      make the front display just like VIVO S9
                      Dual Selfie
                      44 + 8
                      48 + 8


                      or even Triple selfie
                      Add Telephoto sensor
                      just a little bigger Notch than Vivo S9
                      u can make a Triple Selfie cam

                        Excellent! Now pack in an amazing 6000mah battery, as well as the SD 778G (TSMC 5nm > Sammy 4nm) and a camera with f/1.6 aperture, and I'll get it in a heartbeat. Do keep the phone size at 7 inches. I prefer bigger long phones. 21:9 inch display would be a plus too!

                        Hopefully the price is set at $335 for the 8/256 version.

                        For those complaining about the fast charging... Get a lower variant, and skip the top end variant with 120w charging or buy a slow charger yourself. Plenty of 10w chargers available on your local online marketplace.

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                          • 09 Oct 2021

                          Mi my device issue auto uploaded

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                            • 09 Oct 2021

                            Honestly I don't care about the 120W fast charge. With the 33W charger, you gain 60% battery on the Redmi note 10 pro in 35 min.

                            I'd rather they prioritize :

                            - a snapdragon 8 series processor (sd 870)

                            - put finally the optical stabilization for the photos

                            - keep the amoled screen, the jack and the micro SD port

                            - price around $300

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                              • 09 Oct 2021

                              Dan, 08 Oct 2021780g or 778g With 3.5mm jack $dedicated card slot HappyI think they give best one from 7 series

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                                • 09 Oct 2021

                                Oh yes it is very best brands

                                  Dobby the free elf , 08 Oct 2021It wasn't even a 30 watt, if I remember. If that kille... moreWhich phone.

                                    sq2013, 09 Oct 2021Simply not correct. The batteries are removable and relativ... moreIp rating but ip rating is pointless.

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                                      • 09 Oct 2021

                                      XxxxxxX, 08 Oct 2021Isn't mi 10u also a 120w charging smartphone? Mi 10 Ultra wasn't available globally. So far, global models with 120W charging are only the Mix 4 and just launched 11T Pro.

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                                        • 09 Oct 2021

                                        Hmmm i expect the price range will be higher than the redmi note 10 pro max.