Apple iPhone SE 3 will get 5G connectivity, but use same design as SE (2020)

08 October 2021
It's expected to bring Apple's A15 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 13 series.

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  • 01 Mar 2022

MightyClown7, 11 Oct 2021lol that means the battery is going to be shitty again 😂 w... moreAgree man

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    • redv
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    • 01 Mar 2022

    I will never buy iphone unless the battery is 5,000MAH

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      • p2Z
      • 26 Jan 2022

      I am using iPhone SE (1st Gen 128 GB) since 2017 summer and wanted to use it a couple of years.

      But because the battery is almost dead (Apple refused to change the battery since I bought it abroad) and I accidentally dropped it last week (back flash and camera don't work anymore) I need an upgrade.

      Reading comments about iPhone SE (2nd Gen) hasn't got a good battery life. So I am gonna wait for the Spring 2022 event of Apple. If the 3rd Gen iPhone SE has a better battery life and the same 399 USD price policy, I'd like to continue with it.

        RandyRiffin, 17 Oct 2021Well.... that's why I prefer Android over iPhone... ca... moreAgree man

          Anonymous, 09 Oct 2021why crapple? I have been enjoying my iPhone SE 2 way better... moreI mean your priorities must be fastest performance at a lowest price regardless of battery, screen size or camera? Or maybe the 5 years of software support you really need, right?

            Dudenoway, 12 Oct 2021If andriod do this yall would go crazy saying andriod does ... moreWell.... that's why I prefer Android over iPhone... cause they 'don't' have weird choices, like wireless charging on a midranger but with small as battery, and now with 5G, or with recycled designs out of the past. Just look at the Redmi Note 10 Pro, A52 5G and Nord 2. Does a single one of them have a small battery with slow charging? or a low-res LCD screen, let alone 60Hz? or a single camera? or huuge bezels? Redmi and Samsung even have a headphone jack, would ya look at that.
            The choices that went into making these androids are just better. Instead of putting in unecessary features like a superfast chip, or a glass back, or wireless charging, or full ip rating, they decided to focus on important stuff like battery, display and camera.

              Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021If one has used bigger display for more than couple of year... moreIt's ok dude. If you look at the curve of increasing screen sizes, you'll see the curve is
              actually flattening, because screen sizes have reached peak size, as now if they are any bigger, they will not even fit in our hands! Like, literally, they'll just fall out of our hands and onto the floor 😂

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                • M9r
                • 16 Oct 2021

                they are still selling every available stock of the current se 2020 here, so i doubt it, unless its cheaper to manufacture with newer internals

                  jamalu96, 09 Oct 2021Why can't they put the touch ID to the side of the scr... moreResolution doesn't matter, what matters is ppi. For the screen size, the 2020 SE is already at 326ppi.

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                    • vak
                    • 14 Oct 2021

                    If they can make mini battery ok why not this?

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                      • 13 Oct 2021


                        Anonymous, 09 Oct 2021This would certainly take sales away from the iPhone 13.It won't. The iphone 13 have better display and camera. The iphone 13 Pro an dpro max have 5 core gpu instead of 4 core. And sole peopl might want to buy the decently compact iPhone 23 if the rgoimg for iPhone since se one is wayy to small esp with omega bezels

                          RandyRiffin, 10 Oct 2021Even if the design still remains the same (has the same des... moreIf andriod do this yall would go crazy saying andriod does this andriod does that blah blah

                            Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021If one has used bigger display for more than couple of year... moreI mean if u use a 6 or 7 Yr old phone then maybe its ok for you and yes I can type on it or click since my previous phone was a less than 5 inch(prob around 4.7 inch or somethin). But yea

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                              • 12 Oct 2021

                              Dudenoway, 08 Oct 2021For real. What's the difference. Same old OMEGA litera... moreIf one has used bigger display for more than couple of years they will find it difficult to completely switch to smaller display. Before these 6"+ inch display we used to have 3"+ display if you remember.

                                lol that means the battery is going to be shitty again 😂
                                why not use the XR's or XS body and slap on some touch ID

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                                  • Maxima
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                                  • 10 Oct 2021

                                  Mat, 09 Oct 2021read few comments and realized that some guys need 13 pro m... more😂😂😂😂😂True bro

                                    Look, so we need something OG and different at the same time with iPhone SE lineups. So I feel they should go for some attempt where they can use the XR model design but use touch ID and Face ID, since users have been waiting really long for both of them, and should also give some handy design and shouldn't be a glass back.

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                                      • Hrushikesh Parida
                                      • 7kb
                                      • 10 Oct 2021

                                      They should atleast put the design of iPhone 8 plus and a bigger battery as compared to iPhone SE 2020.

                                        Logic, 08 Oct 2021SE3 will still use the IP8 design to distance itself from t... morethat is the point, mini has not sold at all and they have plenty of IP 10,11 and 12 parts to spend