Apple iPhone SE 3 will get 5G connectivity, but use same design as SE (2020)

Michail, 08 October 2021

We’ve been hearing talk of an iPhone SE model with an upgraded chipset and 5G connectivity for quite some time now and Japan’s Macotakara blog is now reporting that the device will re-use the iPhone SE (2020) design. This means a 4.7-inch LCD with bottom and top bezels and the legacy Touch-ID sensor/home button combo housed in the same old aluminum body.

Apple iPhone SE 3 with 5G connectivity will use same design as SE (2020)

The notable upgrades on the third-gen SE are said to be Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chip and Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 5G modem just like on the iPhone 13 series. The new report specifies that production for the SE 3 should start around December 2021 while the phone should see its announcement come Spring 2022.

Apple has been rumored to drop its mini phone with next year’s lineup so the revised SE model will serve as the pocket-friendly option for compact phone buyers.

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Agree man

I mean your priorities must be fastest performance at a lowest price regardless of battery, screen size or camera? Or maybe the 5 years of software support you really need, right?

Well.... that's why I prefer Android over iPhone... cause they 'don't' have weird choices, like wireless charging on a midranger but with small as battery, and now with 5G, or with recycled designs out of the past. Just look at th...

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