Nothing and Qualcomm announce partnership

13 October 2021
Over 100,000 Nothing ear (1) units have been shipped so far.

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  • Trooper

Nothing to see here... :P

  • Anonymous

Nothing can compete.

i see Nothing

  • Sori

Nothing terms of sound.

  • Basu

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Seriously, who is actually buying these buds?Ppl who love earbuds ppl who love quality ppl who love anc ppl who love good quality music

When are they launching their first phone??

  • Anonymous

Seriously, who is actually buying these buds?

the earphones are absolutely generic at best.. Looks 10/10.. everything else 5/10

  • Gimmick

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Qualcomm invested $50 mil in Nothing?No, they got the money from other investors

  • Anonymous

Gimmicky company that has no innovation or real value proposition other than viral marketing tricks. Bunch of apple wannabes. The will probably be gone soon. And nothing of value will be lost.

Nothing phone (1)

I've used the ear(1), and I found it absolutely fine. Don't know why many people back then we're hooting for AptX support, because it's pretty evident it doesn't matter to most people!

  • Trooper

I have nothing in my hand, nothing in my pocket and nothing in my ears... :P

  • Anonymous

Price of the products will be nothing as well.

  • Anonymous

Techfun, 13 Oct 2021Smartphone line-up coming soon?!Yup.. just wait and see

  • .tchock

It's funny how this place used to be: 'Nothing'.

Nothing really made nothing usefull so yea.

Hm, Nothing is up to something. 🧐

  • ballu

Can they add aptX codec to ear 1 via OTA update???

Never heard about "Nothing" 😁