Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 starts receiving October 2021 Android security patch globally

21 October 2021
It fixes more than 60 privacy and security-related issues.

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PeterThePanda, 21 Oct 2021Highly doubtful that this update will fix the piss poor bat... moreI agree. I have the Z Flip 3 and the battery hardly lasts for more than half a day. But I have spare powerbanks and WFH is a bliss. Also, the camera quality is decent enough, not flagship category I agree.
At the end of the day, you are paying for the engineering and bleeding edge screen technology. Z Flip 4 is going to be interesting for whoever waited out this iteration.

    Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021Shows the stupidity of Samsung's fragmented updates ba... moreWho are these people who come here anonymously and show their complete lack of education and literacy by saying such things?

    What are you even talking about bro? Samsung is updating almost every phone in their lineup. So what's piss poor about it?

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      • 21 Oct 2021

      Shows the stupidity of Samsung's fragmented updates based on countless CSCs.

        Highly doubtful that this update will fix the piss poor battery life of the Z Flip 3. Reviews show that even with the display set at 60hz, SoT hardly gets past 6 hours.

        Samsung really needs to put at least a 4000mAh battery on the next Z Flip, as well as better main camera (at least the main camera on the regular S21). A 1 to 2mm increase for the sake of having additional 700mAh or more battery capacity and better cameras is a worthy tradeoff.