Oppo's first foldable phone is allegedly launching next month

22 October 2021
It should be an inward-folding design like the Galaxy Z Fold3.

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Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021Midrange soc won't bring the price down. Screens and h... moreAnother way to cut down costs is to give lower RAM and internal storage. That could contribute to another $150 to $250 price cut.

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cozxta, 23 Oct 2021Wtf? Go see Jerryrigeverything torture test, both Fold 3 an... moreSturdy doesn't mean reliable. Sturdy means tough, but it doesn't guarantee long-time reliability.

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Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021Clamshell is better, but most make tablet wannabe factor. 😰Looking at how bad the Z Flip3 battery endurance rating is, it seems like clamshell isn't really the way forward. Clamshell works if you want a modernized flip phone, but that's about it.

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Carol, 24 Oct 2021Yes, bacause the tablet mode foldable does not get thicker ... moreCouldn't agree more. Also, non-foldable tablets are much cheaper to repair than foldable screen smartphones. That is why I'm still sticking with the tablet market.

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Razr 5G Fan, 23 Oct 2021Foldable screens not being durable is a myth. We are suppos... moreI used to own the first-gen Galaxy Fold under telco offering and the crease in the middle screen kept getting more unbearable. Also, the plastic started to wear off when unfolding. That is why I returned the Galaxy Fold after six months of ownership. That's it, no more foldable screen smartphone for me.

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021Fold series is wholly impractical. Huge as a phone (and use... moreUseless as a phone? Useless as a tablet? That external display is 6.2 inches on the Fold3. And the internal display is 7.6. Seriously what are you smoking? 7" tablets still exist. And that outer display is 10x more useful than the internal display on the Flip, considering it doesn't have a crease.

People bought the Flip because they (you included) don't realize what a useless gimmick the folding display on it is.

The phone is not a tank considering it literally breaks itself within 6 months of using it.

Oh boy you're beyond just ordinary levels of wrong here. Fold sales are literally 5x Mate X sales. But no no no, I do agree that the older members of the Mate X series were superior to the Fold series. Putting the large display on the outside is a way better idea than putting two displays on the phone.

No thanks I'd rather not have a crease that'll turn into a crack in 6 months on the only usable display on the phone.

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joe nodden, 24 Oct 2021A practical foldable (the Fold series) phone has advantages... moreFold series is wholly impractical. Huge as a phone (and useless), tiny as a tablet (and useless). Worst of both worlds. For as long as foldables remain as thick and 2-folds (i.e. tiny for tablet use), they would remain a niche item.

Flip phones are already Mainstream though. In Korea it was one of the best selling phones (flip 3) and the rest of the world will wake up.

Once you use it, you can't go back. Phone is a tank so defeats the need of a case (finally! Original phones/smartphones did not need a case), the external screen means that you don't need to open the screen half of the times (finally a useful external screen on a foldable), once open it's as big as a regular phone (a phablet basically) so it kind of s*cks , but then again most phones s@ck due to how tiny their screens are. The mere fact that you don't have to use it often saves "you" (external screen come to the rescue).

Book like foldables (like Z fold) are 5-10 years from being usable. Flip foldables are already there. Only good phone from Samsung in years (their Z fold series is being killed by Mate X series, their S phones are killed by iphones in experience , Huawei/Xiaomi in cameras).

Hope next flagship of theirs is flip only to exentuate the only thing they did well in years. Let's kill most of the other series.

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021Just press the screen hard with your fingers.Why? Aren't you capable of completing functions by just pressing the screen normally? It's a touchscreen. It's not a cordless house phone. It's not a Push-button car. Humor me. Try using your cell phone by just pressing on the screen with normal force. Not light force. Not hard force. Normal force. I guarantee it will work the same. Might save you from early symptoms of CTS too.

Yes, we can't wait to see what this phone is all about.
We've been waiting for the first foldable phone for a long time and North Korea's fruitless first effort has completely blown us away. Oppo's announcement is sending more and more excitement through our bodies as we inch closer and closer to finally seeing some real innovation on our smartphones. We're sick of those ugly screen bezels that ruin the otherwise beautiful design - it feels like every other device is just some bland iPhone clone with an ant farm glued to the front of it as soon as you flip it over, do we really need another one of those?
The world deserves something exciting, glamorous, and revolutionary.

Carol, 24 Oct 2021Yes, bacause the tablet mode foldable does not get thicker ... moreA practical foldable (the Fold series) phone has advantages in addition to the disadvantages of a foldable design. An impractical foldable (the Flip series) phone has all the disadvantages of a foldable design yet none of the advantages. Are you unable to read such a simple argument?

The screen doesn't get bigger on impractical foldable phones. The Flip series has the same sized displays as regular phones. And they don't get smaller when folded. Phones aren't pieces of paper. They have a fair amount of thickness. And that thickness is over doubled when folded. The Flip3 is over 17mm thick while folded. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable something like that is in your pocket? Ever try putting two phones in your pocket at once? It's that thickness, but worse.

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joe nodden, 23 Oct 2021You people are mentally slow. You always claim this nonsens... moreYes, bacause the tablet mode foldable does not get thicker when closed. Your arguments are pointless. What is the usage of a tablet screen in a smartphone? More time waisting playing pubg? A clamshel foldable makes more sense as the screen can get a bit bigger and the device can still be pocket-able without having the fealing that you just stuck a big flat p... in you pockets that also shows out. When your smartphone takes over your pantss, there is defintely something wrong. And the smartphones this days do exactly that.

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Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021Still waiting for some oem to make big foldable with mid ra... moreMidrange soc won't bring the price down. Screens and hinge are most expensive in a foldable. Using a Midrange soc or a entry-level soc will cut the cost by $200 or $300. Not more than that.

Foldable screens not being durable is a myth. We are supposed to believe a few issues of screens cracking from millions of devices is the norm? From my experience, foldables are sturdy. But then again, I've only owned them for about 4 to 7 weeks.

I only care about foldable flip phones. When I used iPads, I rarely used them. So I care for devices to get smaller when closed. Not bigger. Fold types are just too heavy for my taste. And the rollable phone from Oppo seems like an erection phone. Gimmicky like tri-folds.

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cozxta, 23 Oct 2021Wtf? Go see Jerryrigeverything torture test, both Fold 3 an... moreJust press the screen hard with your fingers.

cozxta, 23 Oct 2021Wtf? Go see Jerryrigeverything torture test, both Fold 3 an... moreMan sturdy doesnt mater is thick heavy and having phone and tablet two separate devices cost ahlf the money.
Rest is as i said.

CptPower, 23 Oct 2021Likey every foldable device it will be very costly and very... moreWtf? Go see Jerryrigeverything torture test, both Fold 3 and Flip 3 are in fact very sturdy phones, last year's Fold 2 and Flip were already excellent build piece of tech, maybe you haven't actually hold this devices in your hand and is skeptical.
The Huawei Mate X2 also is a very sturdy piece of tech, the inner screen of course is easy to scratch, but the build of the device isn't.

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Still no foldable from Apple

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But I thought they were gonna launch a rollable....

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Still waiting for some oem to make big foldable with mid range soc and specs with price of about 1000 dollars.

Come on guys, get a foldable in India that feels affordable. Fold 3 starts at ₹1,49,999 after discount, kidding me? At the end of the day, it's a phone+tab, not even close to being a laptop replacement or something.