Early Pixel 6 benchmarks put CPU performance below Snapdragon 888, Exynos 2100

25 October 2021
The single-core performance is identical since they all use the same big cores, it's the multi-core performance where the Google chip lags behind.

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silbier.hell, 26 Oct 2021Kinda agree. I stop caring about benchmark after sd845That is 100 percent not true, it is a good gauge to tell what it can do. Unless you don’t use your phone for anything but texting and internet in which case a skyrocket 2 would work. The 888 snapdragon even with a 20000 rpm fan on the red magic can’t keep a solid 60 fps in RuneScape, or in many games. There are no android devices that can run wild rift at a solid 120fps.

I don’t know why any one buys android anymore, it use to be Samsung and android let you customize with Roma ect, and we’re faster than apple for cheaper. All android seven the red magic 6 with its fans are so far behind apple, it’s like comparing a ps3 to a ps5 and buying a ps3 for the same price as a 5. I go with the numbers and my iPad Pro 12.9 gets 5120 and my iPhone 13 pro max gets 3210, even when both are underclocked it beats androids max clock, and apple doesn’t even sell their phones for that much. It’s like and bulldozer, except apple has the better App Store, so it’s like buying a amd bulldozer for more than a i7 than not being able to play some games.

RadSnorkel, 31 Oct 2021Here's the thing about benchmarks though: companies ca... more> Google's chip is better at prioritizing different functions at the same time.

Please prove it. Otherwise, just empty words...

  • RadSnorkel

Here's the thing about benchmarks though: companies can optimize their chips to specifically score higher on benchmark tests, and Google's chip is better at prioritizing different functions at the same time.
So take these benchmark scores with a grain of salt...

DrakeX, 26 Oct 2021How is it a lie? Synthetic benchmarks measure the performan... moreI have already explained that. Read from the beginning if you want to take part in the discussion.

  • Anonymous

MagicMonkeyBoy, 25 Oct 2021This is very impressive though. And most excellent that we ... moreStuck with, the best one.... Arguably. Look at their performance and battery life

This chip need just to work as promised,on a smarter way and whit no overheating.
%$#@!!!! the benchmarks maniacs!!!!!

Jasper5774, 26 Oct 2021This explains why Google put embargo on pixel review. Eve... moreEh?
Which company doesn't put embargo if I ask? Why Google will be different xD

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lagdroid, 25 Oct 2021LOL flagship phone getting smoked by midranger iphone se ho... moreDon't need to lol, google is playing different game than apple.. with new ideas

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021When exynos inside samsung is behind snapdragon, people her... moreSamsung can't provide better use case for their phone & continues to argue that they're supreme against all androids & iphones in some cases.. .. google did it with their own, pixel6>pixel5 basically.. that's why

  • Anonymous

Nikojas, 25 Oct 2021The hope is that the optimisation is good and therefore in ... moreGo to youtube > Phonebuff > yes your hope is full filled

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021SD450/Helio P22 are enough for average person. No they're not lol .. even truecaller with 5 chrome tabs makes that shit suffer.. more like >sd720 are enough for normal usage.. but won't last 5 years even in that.. 860 is good enough for that so.. ..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021They must target Apple with their processors. 1050/2700 ... moreNo they won't. This is a phone for a different use case, not one of benchmark chasing ones where dxo is camera quality & cinebench is perfomance..

  • Greg

As long as it can run NYT crossword app, chrome, Gmail and discord well and take decent pictures, I'm fine with its performance.

DrakeX, 26 Oct 2021It does mean something as it has SOME correlation to a phon... moreI never use my phone for a longer time than one or one and half a year... so for me it's hard to say...

Peacemaker, 26 Oct 2021Google has optimized Android for their chipsets. And it rea... moreI play games and I say power is everything

This explains why Google put embargo on pixel review.
Everyone hides shortcomings and show off strengths.
Just wait for the reviews before making any purchase decisions.

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021Who cares? It’s pure android + i buy pixel mostly for the c... more1. It's not AOSP, the past ones used to be AOSP but now they aren't.
2. I guarantee you you will get better camera in other phones.

Kerr, 26 Oct 2021Feel sorry for those obsessed with benchmarks scores that h... moreKinda agree. I stop caring about benchmark after sd845

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Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021Reasonable priced phone now it's a justifiable priced ... moreThis was a task to read.